Friday, January 13, 2012

Canadian Indians Opposing Pipeline Accepted Soros Money

George Soros and other foreigners with money are interfering in Canada's sovereign business.


B.C. aboriginal groups opposed to the Northern Gateway pipeline proposal have received almost $16 million in funding between 2008 and 2010 from Coast Opportunity Funds (COF), a group connected to foreign foundations that fund anti-oilsands projects.

Interveners, such as the Haida Nation, have been getting economic development assistance for aquaculture, tourism and other activities along with financing for conservation projects from COF.

But the money comes with strings attached.

Coast Funds' criteria preclude funding for "carbon-burning" energy projects and "activities associated with large scale extraction of subsurface resources" such as oil. 

Hmm.  Suspicious.  I immediately smelled the likes of George Soros.

George Soros used his money and Useful Idiots both in America and Canada to attempt to kill SUN TV News before it was born, I recall.

His money is also apparently screwing with our sovereign energy business by using Aboriginals as Useful Idiots.  Money usually gets the average person to do stuff...

Ok, the money comes from "Coast Opportunity Funds", established very recently, 2007.

COF gets its money from a wide variety of sources, including government, corporate and various foreign foundations... including Tides Canada Foundation, which is linked to the Soros-backed Tides Foundation.

Therefore, I'm comfortable with Conservative Prime Minister Stephen Harper's fight against the pushers of dishonest, environmental-extremist propaganda and intimidation.  The Useful Idiots, whoever they are, are being USED by FOREIGN RICH FOLKS who have financial interests in seeing Canada not develop into an energy superpower (same as their interest in preventing America from further developing its oil and gas industries).

It's all part of the global warming/climate change swindle, from which billionaires and millionaires like George Soros and Al Gore are massively profiting.  High energy prices are the way they do it, and the way to make these prices high is largely to strangle the supply as demand continues to rise.

Foreign, selfish, interference-and-sabotage-intent money-worshippers ought to F.O. and leave Canada's sovereign business alone.  They should mind their OWN business and stop bribing identifiable groups to act as political-correctness-protected Useful Idiot propaganda bullies to militate against Canada's economic interests.

This really harms the image of the "First Nations", seeing that some, at least, of them are standing up more for the interests of rich, selfish, foreign asshole billionaires than for the interests of their own people!

Of course, if we say anything, they'll probably just holler "raaaaacist!" or something...


MikeAdamson said...

Their image would be helped if they stood up for the interests of the energy industry instead?

Canadian Sentinel said...

No, their image would be helped if they weren't on the take for money, weren't making Useful Idiots of themselves for rich white liberal men who make oodles of cash off the energy industry by strangling the supply to keep prices rising as demand inevitably rises.

∞ ≠ ø said...

@ Naked mimosa:
It is curious that Mobile Oil, a big contributor to PBS in the states, has drifted away.

It must be nice to choose from a list of benefactors. But when does atrophy, perhaps racial atrophy, become apparent? And who decides this? And why?

A fully disciplined Marxist analysis may lead you to ask this question elsewhere.

∞ ≠ ø said...

So.... with that said:
Where is Bev Oda?

She would be my go to, if I were Canadian, to crush these NGO subversive activities.

MikeAdamson said...

My point is that it's ridiculous to believe that aboriginal people don't have a vital interest in the matter simply because they've received funding from a group which receives some of its funding from a group that receives some of its funding from Soros. I hope that the pipeline can be built in such a way that the environment is protected and lots of natives get hired.

balbulican said...

Your argument is a bit hard to figure out here, Sentinel. If I can break it down a bit:

- Some BC First Nations have received funding for economic development, aquaculture, tourism, forestry, and other projects from a non-profit organization called "Coast Opportunity Funds".
- Coast opportunity Funds gets its funding from multiple sources, including the government of Canada, the Government of BC, corporations, and several Canadian and international foundations, including the Rockefeller Fund.
- One of those foundations is the Tides Canada Foundation, which has links to the Tides Foundation.
- The Tides Foundation has links to George Soros.

Therefore "Canadian Indian opposition to a pipeline that will cross their land and may pose significant environmental risk to their fisheries is "part of the global warming/climate change" swindle??

Before I explore the logic of this further, did I get your argument right?

A couple of points to consider:

a) You seem to feel that "Canadian Indians" are automatically anti-development. In fact, much of the land now under development for oil, gas and minerals in Alberta, the NWT, Ontario, Nunavut and elsewhere is being developed in collaboration and with the active participation of Aboriginal communities.

b) You seem to think that the Coast Opportunity Funds has some kind of veto on the activities and positions of First Nations that receive its funding for specific projects. That is incorrect. As is normally the case, the money that they grant any recipient may only be used for the purposes the recipient has applied for. They have no authority (and, I would imagine, little interest) in attempting to pressure Haida. Nor would they - look at their Board.

c) You seem to think that the Haida are being tricked or pressured into opposing a project that may have actual impact on their lands and, in the event of a spill, on the operation of their aquaculture industry. Why would they NOT be concerned about that?

d) Have you applied your obviously formidable investigative skills to the question of whether foreign interests - let's say any multinationals or foreign governments - are providing funds to support this project?

∞ ≠ ø said...

Well it looks like the Gitxsan don't have any voting members on that board there Babbles. But I'm sure this dissent will be quashed.

I fail to see how calling attention to the elitist networks within the First Nations makes any points for your argument.

Oooooo, here's an extra proggy board member.

"Merran Smith
directs the energy initiative at Tides Canada. A former Climate Director and British
Columbia Director with ForestEthics, Merran was the lead environmental architect of the
Coast Opportunity Funds conservation agreement signed in 2006.
Climate Director indeed, Ha! (I'll bet she has the proper amount of fiber in her diet.)

Mike, really I'd like to agree with you but when Babbles challenges a peek into the effed up world of bearing the white mans' burden and I witness pure socialist NGO fiefdoms it makes me think otherwise.

There is easy money to be had opposing the pipeline and First Nation Peoples' addiction to the proggy teet is truly appalling.

I understand Ukrainians are very keen to work. No need to disturb the First Nations. Efforts should be made to return them to their natural state as part of a more comprehensive environmental approach.

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