Thursday, December 01, 2011

'Noble' (MSM Thinks So) 'Occupiers' Turn On Obama (Finally!)

Sure took them long enough to protest THE ONE who needs protesting!

Story here.

“Obama is a corporate puppet,” one said. “War crimes must be stopped, no matter who does them,” read another, beside head shots of President George W. Bush and President Obama.

One man, wearing a mask of the president’s face and holding a cigar, carried a sign that read, “I sold out!”

Ben Campbell, 28, one of the march’s organizers, said he hoped to prove to skeptics of the protests that the demonstrators were political critics of equal opportunity.

“President Obama is coming to town solely to raise money from the richest of the rich,” Mr. Campbell said.

It remains to be seen whether this one anti-Obama "Occupy" protest is an isolated incident for public relations purposes, or whether the ordinary, clueless "Occupiers" demonstrate awareness that Obama is... shit, in the rest of the "protests" by "Occupiers".

I suspect this was really an isolated stunt to give the media an excuse to say, look, see, they're not just all brainwashed leftists!

Maybe Obama will now withdraw his endorsement of these "Occupiers" because they're turning on him.  Maybe not.  After all, this one "protest" could very well be a planned, useful propaganda stunt that won't be repeated.  I betcha the "Occupiers" will not blast Obama after this.

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