Wednesday, December 07, 2011

Hard Left-Wing Propaganda Extremists Take Over NBC News

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NBC-owned television stations in cities across the nation just teamed up with a nonprofit "journalism" group funded by a billionaire husband-and-wife team who not only spent millions campaigning for President Obama but also topped donor lists to groups such as ACORN and

 The nonprofit, ProPublica, will contribute to the news operations of all NBC-owned-and-operated stations, including those in such cities as Los Angeles, Chicago and Philadelphia, the network announced Monday.

 The NBC affiliates will get early access to investigative reports from ProPublica, which describes itself as an "independent, non-profit newsroom that produces investigative journalism in the public interest."
Also included in the arrangement are local radio stations owned by Comcast, which purchased NBC Universal earlier this year.

And that's only the BEGINNING...

There's, unfortunately, MUCH MORE...

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Is Obama Resurrecting Nazi Fascist Economics? 

Don’t look now, but Obama again sails into uncharted waters by naming Jefferey Immelt, CEO of General Electric, head of his jobs committee. Imagine, if this was announced by George W, liberals would have screamed like fat kids at diet camp. But the national response is light applause and yawns, proving once again—it’s not what is done, but who does it—that matters to leftists.

Fascinatingly, such collusion between government and big business recalls Nazi fascist economics. Such blurred lines between public and private sectors is the subject of this column.


History Lesson:  General Electric Funded Hitler's Rise to Power

The multi-national giant General Electric has an unparalleled role in twentieth-century history. The General Electric Company electrified the Soviet Union in the 1920s and 1930s, and fulfilled for the Soviets Lenin's dictum that "Socialism = electrification."1 The Swope Plan, created by General Electric's one-time president Gerard Swope, became Franklin D. Roosevelt's New Deal, by a process deplored by one-time President Herbert Hoover and described in Wall Street and FDR.2 There was a long-lasting, intimate relationship between Swope and Young of General Electric Company and the Roosevelt family, as there was between General Electric and the Soviet Union. In 1936 Senator James A. Reed of Missouri, an early Roosevelt supporter, became aware of Roosevelt's betrayal of liberal ideas and attacked the Roosevelt New Deal program as a "tyrannical" measure "leading to despotism, [and] sought by its sponsors under the communistic cry of 'Social Justice.'" Senator Reed further charged on the floor of the Senate that Franklin D. Roosevelt was a "hired man for the economic royalists" in Wall Street and that the Roosevelt family "is one of the largest stockholders in the General Electric Company."3

As we probe into behind-the-scenes German inter war history and the story of Hitler and Nazism, we find both Owen D. Young and Gerard Swope of General Electric tied to the rise of Hitlerism and the suppression of German democracy. That General Electric directors are to be found in each of these three distinct historical categories — i.e., the development of the Soviet Union, the creation of Roosevelt's New Deal, and the rise of Hitlerism — suggests how elements of Big Business are keenly interested in the socialization of the world, for their own purposes and objectives, rather than the maintenance of the impartial market place in a free society.4 General Electric profited handsomely from Bolshevism, from Roosevelt's New Deal socialism, and, as we shall see below, from national socialism in Hitler's Germany.

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It's happening AGAIN.

Those who fail to learn the lessons of history are doomed to repeat it.

Deja vu.

What next?  Seriously.  No bullshit.

It IS happening as we speak...


balbulican said...

Why, Sentinel, that's wonderful.

You're condemning collusion between big business and Washington, demanding that corporate America pay its fair share of taxes, and reminding us of collusion between multinationals and the Nazi Party. All core messages from the Occupy Wall Street movement.

Congratulations, Comrade, you've seen the light!

balbulican said...

Some of the Occupy folks have stuff to say worth listening to: some are nuts. Some of the Tea Party folks have stuff to say worth listening to: some are nuts. And believe it or not, on some things, they agree - as your post shows.

glacierman said...

The Manchurian President does as he is told; read the script, give a speech, go play some golf so as to rile the pleebs.

The mind-fog over the Amerkan Peoples' is so thick, they are drinking the koolaid of the OWS crowd like it is Miller time. The glimmers of truth which the Occupier's are quoted on the MSM, are precisely the talking points of the media hacks. They just parrot the demagogues in the halls of Congresss, telling the people what to say and think, then congratulating them common folk for their brilliant ideas, showing the footage on the nightly news and broadcasting it through the Huffington Posts of the world.

A brief search uncovered that the Probublica GM, Richard Tofel has his Harvard Masters in Public Policy, linked in with Columbia Univ. School of Journalism and with the John F. Kennedy School of Government. He and Obama and Ignatief and... are all from the same school and mindset and are "changing the world" one news article; one investigative news program; one breaking news story, at a time.

They develop the news, write the news and broadcast the news.

And the liberals (progressives) all walk around pointing to their talking points and yelling "See, its in the NEWS".

Right, Balb? ;^D

balbulican said...

You've actually raised another article of faith shared by the less rational extremes of both the Tea Party and the Occupy movement - the conviction that the media are owned and controlled by their enemies.

It's funny - looking at the images that Sentinel posted above, several would have fit right in at an Occupy rally.

Canadian Sentinel said...

My not addressing Balbulican's comments above doesn't necessarily mean I don't disagree with them, for some of what he wrote above, as usual, caused me to roll my eyes and move on, knowing that there's no point in getting into another useless argument with a man who delights in spreading pro-communist propaganda and in suggesting that the left and the right are basically the same kind of people (he ignores the stark contrasts between the OWSers and the Tea Partiers, suggesting that, oh, they're just the same, albeit slight differences here and there). Nice propaganda, Mr. Party of the Left Can.

balbulican said...

Yes, it's a difficult notion to accept, I understand that.