Tuesday, August 23, 2011

Ron Paul on Iran


glacierman said...

Liberty and Justice are strong bedfellows.

I have no problem with Iran having nuclear power stations. They have the right, but they also have the responsibility to not use their atomic capabilities for harmful purposes.

Russian had them for years, did they ever use them against any of their enemies? They had lots! None that I recall.

Really, would Iran have the hutzpah to actually use one of those devices?


Canadian Sentinel said...

Difference between USSR/Russia and Iran is that Iran has PROMISED to destroy America.

Also, the regime in Iran is deranged compared to even the USSR/Russian one. We're talking hardcore Islamist, after all.

I'd rather not take a chance on THAT regime getting nukes.

That said, it may already be too late. Which reminds me that Ron Paul once co-wrote a letter with Barney Frank that identified the defensive missile shield as something to be cut, potentially... Hmm... Ron Paul's thinking on defense is just a little too foolish for me to stand.

Canadian Sentinel said...

Letting Iran have nukes is like giving a machine gun to Anders Breivik...

glacierman said...

The problem with Iran is that they would have no problem distributing dirty bombs. That is more of the weasel mentality. They probably have already been looking for contractors to do that.

There would be a lot of glass in the Middle East if they even got one shot off though.

Would Anders dare fire a shot with police standing around with their guns locked and loaded? That is the question. That is the question for Iran.

Canadian Sentinel said...

And when the gunman believes that the cops won't do anything, or that only a couple would have the balls, then the gunman may say, "Well, I like these odds..."

And this is how Iran sees the situation today.

Of course, we're presuming rationality on the part of the leadership of the Islamic Republic. Are they rational? Evidence strongly suggests not. Just listen to Ahmadinejad...

∞ ≠ ΓΈ said...

Mutual assured destruction fails when confronted with a compassionless 'religion' based on hatred for other religions and world domination. And let's not forget the suicide terrorist rewards program targeted at insecure juvenile males.

Beating a woman on the way to the mosque... rewarding. Blowing yourself and 10,000 infidels off the face of the earth... priceless.

Islam, don't leave home without it.

Ron Paul guarantees the right of first strike to the enemy; foolish in any era, but more so today.

glacierman said...

10K vs. a glass parking lot. No man wants to known as the one who is responsible for wiping out an entire nation. That is what Ahmadinejad will be known for, but only in the western history books.

If a nuke goes off and it is attributed to Iran, there will be planes landing on a very smooth and brittle landing strip.