Thursday, August 11, 2011

Black Supremacists Attack Whites, Hispanics At State Fair

Wisconsin State Fair: Wisconsin State Fair mob attack 911 tapes released - WITI

This is Obama's America.

Black Supremacist America.

Blacks commit violent hate crimes and get away with it because President Obama and Attorney General Eric Holder are themselves black supremacists who always let other black supremacists off the hook for violent hate crimes.

First there was the New Black Panthers using racist intimidation to keep whites away from the polls in Philly so as to help cheat for Obama's victory.

Obama and Holder illegally interfered in their guaranteed felony conviction to get these racists freed.

Now what are they doing to stop the black supremacist violence?


If if was white supremacists, they'd rightly crack down on them with no holds barred, to hell with their civil rights.

But black supremacists are getting to do whatever the hell they want in Obama's depressing, terrible Hope and Change regime.


balbulican said...

I'm fascinated, Sentinel.

You appear not to be aware that groups of racist young black punks, and racist young white punks, and racist young hispanic punks, have periodically beaten the crap out of the targets of their racism for quite some time now. I really hate to be the one to break this to you, dude, but it's true. And I'm pretty sure it usually happens without the endorsement of the President at the time.

Now, the story you linked to outlines quite a few measures the cops are taking to try to arrest the criminals. What specifically do you think the President should be doing?

Canadian Sentinel said...

So you don't perceive a massive upsurge of black racist violence since Obama came to power?

That's ok. It's your right to misperceive or pretend. Very well.

Carry on.

Others, however, may have noticed, because they have been watching what's been going on in the world for many years, and can see for themselves what's changed...

∞ ≠ ø said...

The president and the Attorney General should be leading the way to draught legislation for the effective prosecution of flash mobbers.
All captured participants are culpable for crimes committed by mob action.


1500 people are twittered to a mall for a "mall maul"

165 show up and wreak havoc.

In the action there are 2 aggravated assaults and 3 stores are looted.

34 participants are arrested.
All are charged with two felony counts of aggravated assault and 3 felony counts of grand larceny.
Conviction only requires proof that they were flash mobbers.

End of flash mobs.

balbulican said...

"So you don't perceive a massive upsurge of black racist violence since Obama came to power?"

No, but I'll certainly review whatever data leads you to that conclusion. What's your source?

Anonymous said...

Balb, the more pointed question is what is your source? The news is full of these stories, so either you don't trust your Motherships -CBCPravda, NBC, BBC, or the MSM, or you are just pi**ing up a tree like a troll?

Canadian Sentinel said...

Perhaps Balb spends too much time bugging me to pay attention to the real world's current events...

∞ ≠ ø said...

Here's an even handed account:

Anyone remember "wilding?"
That part of the story is missing.

balbulican said...

"Balb, the more pointed question is what is your source?"

Anon, my friend Sentinel has made an assertion here; that there is "a massive upsurge of black racist violence since Obama came to power."

I think that's nonsense, but I am willing to be proven wrong, and I am asking, with complete civility, for the statistics that prove his assertion.

So far...nothing.

glacierman said...

Balb, nice to see you are looking for evidence from sources, kind of like this?

The news will not report what is really happening but have a script to follow, leaving out very important facts so as to not seem like they are whitey bashing the coloured folks. PC has had its time, that is why the likes of Fox and Sun have risen to the challenge to bring some balance to the stories. That and the blogging/texting world.

Right there, right now. (hope there isn't too much "right" in there for ya) ;^P

∞ ≠ ø said...

He knows he won't get stats.
Both Statcan and the FBI just released 2009 stuff this June.

He knows this because he's still reeling from a debate which demonstrated that the U.S. enjoys a lower per-capita political assassination rate and a lower per-capita hate crime rate than Canada.

But if you want to read a brief article about race and crime statistics while you wait, I recommend this to put you in the proper debate spirit.

and this recently came out:

balbulican said...

"He knows he won't get stats."

That's right. He does. And I'm afraid posting propaganda is not substitute, although I am beginning to understand that some of you may not be able to distinguish between the two.

Y'all have a great fondness for extrapolating grand trends from bad data. That's okay - that's how you roll. I'll just keep asking whether you've actually got data. Maybe someday you will. No problemo.

glacierman said...

Data, Balb, kind of like the global warming (non;manufactured;made-up;the stuff that everybody knows is true)data?

Once the sources are revealed, the truth comes out and wins...every time!

Trouble with data is you have to find out who is funding the collection process as nobody does this stuff for free anymore. There is almost always skin in the game. Whose ox are you willing to gore? Al's?

∞ ≠ ø said...

I always have data. I offer it and you never read it.
The way you're playing it, your best hope in a flash mob situation is to call a statistician. That way the event can be analyzed while the blood is cleaned off the streets. The next day high minded people like you will be able to ignore the freshest and most current statistical data ever.

balbulican said...

GM, that's a lot of words to explain why you're willing to jump to an ideological conclusion based on the garbage you mistake for news.

That's fine, seriously. You're convinced. I was just wondering if there is any actual information behind you. You've confirmed there isn't. No harm, no foul...we just have different evidential standards. Thanks.

glacierman said...

Balb, do you believe the story about global warming? Please advise as which stats you have to back up your response, as the IPOCC was debunked, Greenpeace data has been debunked and NASA data has been shot through the head by referencing National Geographic writers.

I am curious as to why you trust the MSM and the likes of CBC and CTV, but are so unwilling to trust the scientist who debunk and expose the lies and deception of Al Gore and his cronies?

Who are these "scientist" who you put so much faith in? The ones who say the science is settled, like they really know what is going on?

Canadian Sentinel said...

Very good work, guys.

You have masterfully exposed Balbulican as a myopic ideologue-propagandist-spin doctor.

Canadian Sentinel said...

When confronted with concrete, inconvenient evidence, Balbs calls it "garbage you mistake for news".


Canadian Sentinel said...

Gotta admire Blabs's chutzpah in keeping on keeping on even after he's been completely defeated on a thread.



Oh, my...

He's either got trouser nuggets the size of beach balls, or is a brick short of a shithouse... haha...

Canadian Sentinel said...

Again, excellent work, guys. We make a great team. Keep it up!

balbulican said...

"When confronted with concrete, inconvenient evidence, Balbs calls it "garbage you mistake for news".

LOL. Sorry, I must have missed the "concrete evidence".

I asked data to back up Sentinel's assertion of ""a massive upsurge of black racist violence since Obama came to power."

Sentinel ignored the request (of course). Glacierman posts a link to an article about the sentencing of rioters in Britain, then tries to change the topic to global warming!

I'm enjoying this little lesson in how you think. There have been two big learnings for me this week, courtesy of the last few threads.

The notion that an assertion should be verifiable with data just doesn't seem to register at all. At first I thought it was simply evasion (I can't proved, so I'll ignore the request for evidence): I'm now wondering if you simply don't understand. Sentinel made a simple, clear, quantitative assertion; you guys are providing a fair amount of smoke, but no backup for his statement.

You do, indeed, make a great team.

Now, about that evidence?

balbulican said...

I am curious about that link, Glacierman. Sentinel pointed to an incident in which a bunch of black punks beat up some and hispanic people at a fairground. He blames Obama for this, and claims that there is a huge upsurge in race related violence, and that it's Obama's fault.

As evidence, you present a story about riots in England. Now, just so we're all clear, are you suggesting that those are Obama's fault too?

glacierman said...

Balb, did you actually read the article? If you didn't, then go to the part about the Sky News reporter. Then get back to me. The MSM is short of fact, long on perception. That is the point.

Enjoy the read! IF YOU DARE!!!

balbulican said...

Yes, I did, GM - including the writer's credits.

Unfortunately, it was utterly irrelevant to the discussion at hand.

∞ ≠ ø said...

"Unfortunately, it was utterly irrelevant to the discussion at hand.

What leads you to that conclusion?

Canadian Sentinel said...

I'm sorry... but I cannot help but sit here, mouth agape in astonishment, and wonder what's wrong with Balbulican. Is he a Chomkyan gobbleddygooker or is he just plain stupid? Could it be he's not smart like I always suspected?

Canadian Sentinel said...

Oops... missed the "s" on "Chomskyan"...

glacierman said...

Are you really serious Balb? If you don't want to play, then go back to one of your echo-chambers so you can all talk about the talking points that you all agree to agree on and talk about.

You sound just like that Sky News reporter.

"but...but that's not what I have in my notes and you can't say those things"...or something like that.

That is one of the poorest responses I have ever had from you, I am even embarrassed for you on that one! B^P

Anonymous said...

Excellent blog, my brother from across that imaginary line. Good luck to you, and continued success to your blog.

All the best,

Mike USA