Monday, May 02, 2011

So THIS Is The Birth Certificate? REALLY?

Ok, tell me now, all you who believed that the document uttered in '08 and claimed and believed to be Obama's "birth certificate" now believe that, actually, the document uttered just the other day is the "birth certificate"?  Funny how folks will go from believing one document is Obama's birth certificate and then they'll forget about that one and believe that the other one just shown by Obama and claimed to be his birth certificate is the birth certificate.


Hey, leftist assholes, I'm not stupid.  Quit bullshitting me, ok?

Either the first utterance was the birth certificate or the newer one is.

Admit it.  The recent alleged copy of Obama's alleged birth certificate is nothing but an e-copy of what looks like it could easily be a forgery.  Funny how Obama still won't show us the actual paper document.  WHERE IS IT?  I have mine in my wallet.  Why can't the ueber-powerful Obama get ahold of his?  Oh, doesn't he have one, or is the real one too damning to show?

And, hey, where on the document is the seal?  All US birth certificates have a seal, I understand.  Why doesn't Obama's?

Where's the Old Media?  Why don't they demand it be authenticated, rather than just knee-jerkily believing whatever the Obammunists tell them to believe?

Oh, I'm sure you'll have a sophisticated-gobbleddygook explanation for this.  Not that it'll convince anyone using their brain.


Canuckguy said...

Sentinal, CNN already laid this to rest. Time for you to give your wishful thinking a rest.

Canadian Sentinel said...

CNN? You mean that Obama-asskissing channel?

Are you sure you want to go by "oh it's the real thing... cause so and so says so...?

Come on... it's better to think for yourself than to be fooled by the establishment-elite. Perhaps you're content to be told what's what by whomever?

∞ ≠ ΓΈ said...

At 1:30 AM EST CNN International Edition posted this headline:
"Conservatives appear to be winning Canada's election"

The election was called at 11:50 PM by the CBC. Stephen Harper was on the g of Good night.

A late reluctant headline from the leftist CNN


Anonymous said...

If you saw a copy of the Birth Certificate you will notice that Kenya is listed as his father's birth place. Yet, the name Kenya was NOT yet used when the President was born. What we now know as Keny was then known as "British East Africa Protectorate." Can President Hussein Obama, please, explain that?