Sunday, May 01, 2011

Obama NOT A 'Natural-Born' Citizen, Therefore Not Eligible for Presidency

Obama incriminated himself by agreeing that one MUST be born to TWO American citizens in order to be deemed a "natural-born" citizen and eligible for office of the President.

Why is he getting away with this hypocrisy?


Consilium - Aarluk - Stonecircle said...
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Balbulican said... you accept Obama's vote as the determinant of constitutional eligibility?

Don't you think it's time you stopped embarrassing yourself with this nonsense, dear boy? Seriously, I think posting really scary looking pictures of Obama as a devil and the antichrist and a nazi and stuff is a little more mature and intellectually compelling. :)

MikeAdamson said...

He's "getting away with it" because the definition of American citizenship has been settled law for more than a century. Reliance on Swiss scholars who published commentary in French a decade after the Constitution was adopted will only go so far I guess.

Whatever floats your boat though.

liberal supporter said...

You can clearly see from the birth certificate that Barack Hussein Obama was born in Kenya.
Some folks just don't get that Barack Hussein Obama II is his son, not one of his brothers. Not everyone is like George Foreman with 6 sons named George.

However, let me start another line of birther nonsense. Did you know that Hawaii statehood was not ratified, and therefore there is a two year waiting period for Statehood? Therefore Hawaii was not yet truly a US State until August 21, 1961, while BHO II was born August 4 of the same year.

Balbulican said...

What's most interesting is the question: why are these poor folks so completely fixated on this? I mean, with all due respect, CS's "political and social analysis" (his term) of the Obama presidency consists of posting kindergarten insults, creepy photoshopped drawings, and birther drivel regurgitated from WND.

There's lots to criticize in the Obama presidency and administration, and it would be interesting to have some of those discussions. But this childlike, paranoid demonism - I don't know. It's like the ranting of an obsessive.

Canadian Sentinel said...

Shit. This comments thread is nothing but a leftist echo chamber...

∞ ≠ ø said...

If it echoes maybe they'll read this twice.

Naked Mimosa needs to read up on the very clear and distinct difference between Article II of The U.S. Constitution and the 14th Amendment.

Blah-Blah is a little more klever asking if we accept Obama's vote as a senator. Oooooo, trickey!

The DNC knew they had an eligibility issue so they omitted the constitutional requirement section ironically required by Hawaii on the candidate confirmation form. That done they just signed one with the Hawaiian requirement knowing Hawaii either wouldn't bother to check or could be persuaded to overlook the issue for one of their own.

The rendition of Obama's birth certificate released by the White House and the Senate resolution co-sponsored by Obama both eliminate him as an eligible candidate.

Is he even a citizen?

We know you were not supposed to be able to go to school in Indonesia without citizenship there. We know Indonesia does not recognize dual citizenship. We know you could not travel to Pakistan on a U.S. passport either.

People get around these things.

There was an obvious need for an eligibility hearing just like McCain's. It was deliberately avoided.

In addition, Obama's passport files were breached at the State Department on Jan 9, Feb 21 and Mar 14 of 2008. The files were breached by contractors of The Analysis Corporation and Stanley Inc. The head of The Analysis corp. (an information and security firm) was John O. Brennen, former CIA agent and adviser to the Obama campaign. He is now Obama's czar on terrorism.

To my friends left of center. Very honestly, this whole affair makes Watergate look like an ant fart in the Amazon.

You should become familiar with ant farts. If you allow the NDP to gain control of your government you may be taxed for every ant fart projected to occur on your properties annually.

Canadian Sentinel said...

So Balbulican believes whatever Obama tells him. Like he's a citizen, natural-born, and both the COLB and "birth certificate" are Obama's birth certificate as claimed.

Ok, believe in that, dear old chap.

Myself, I prefer to believe in God (and you prefer not to, preferring to believe mortal politicians' lies).

Canadian Sentinel said...

No amount of evidence will shake leftist dummies' belief in whatever Obama tells them is so.

Leftists say they want evidence, but when evidence is provided to prove their beliefs foolish, they suddenly don't give a feck about evidence and return to rhetoric and ridicule against the evidence providers.

If it weren't for double standards, leftists would have no standards at all.

∞ ≠ ø said...

Yes, well these sites are also of interest.

I think they know not what they dismiss.

Curious: Mike and Balbs:

JFK: Did Oswald act alone?