Monday, April 24, 2006

Mushroom Cloud on Way: Islamic Mob in NY


I thought Holocaust denial was a crime. So where were the police?

I thought incitement to violence (nuclear war!) was also a crime. So where were the police?

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(Emphasis mine)

A New York rally by the Islamic Thinkers Society outside the Israeli consulate yesterday featured chants of "The mushroom cloud is on its way! The real holocaust is on its way!"

The demonstration by the Queens-based group was monitored by the Investigative Project on Terrorism whose members noted signs including "Islam will Dominate" and a picture with an Islamic flag flying over the White House.

Some of the chants, translated from Arabic:

"Zionists, Zionists You will pay! The Wrath of Allah is on its

Israeli Zionists You shall pay! The Wrath of Allah is on its way!

The mushroom cloud is on its way! The real Holocaust is on its way!"

"Israel won't last long ... Indeed, Allah will repeat the Holocaust right on the soil of Israel"

Response: "Allahu Akbar!"

Is this peaceful? Where are the Muslims demonstrating aganist jihadism? Ever see any? Nope... it's all Muslims chanting about destroying Israel, America and the non-Islamic world and forcibly converting non-Muslims to Islam.

See also here for more.

"We know many government services are watching us.Such as the FBI, CIA, Mossad, Homeland Security . . . We know we are getting on their nerves. And so are you . . . So we say the hell with you!May the FBI burn in Hell. CIA burn in Hell.Mossad burn in Hell. Homeland Security burn in hell!!"

These folks apparently don't like the fact that the Free World is exercising its right to protect itself from its enemies. What do they expect... for us to drop our pants, bend over and politely let them shove grenades up our hineys? Are they really that stupid, or are they just chanting what the evil clerics have ordered them to? And I would recommend that something be done about evil clerics who incite to hatred and violence, particularly within the borders of the Free World, where they live and enjoy human rights, something alien to the Islamic world...

Just released: new audiotape by Usama Bin Laden declaring Islam is at war with U.S. and its allies.

Bin Laden claims that America has declared war on Islam. But that's false. What he's trying to do is start a war with the non-Islamic world to fulfil some insane prophecy he believes in that there must be a jihad... Allah's will and all that... same as Iran's Mahmoud Ahmadinejad and Hamas.

Bin Laden is trying to provoke the Free World. He hopes we'll make a big first strike, which he'd naturally refer to in yet another of his cowardly audiotape messages, trying again to claim holy war and incite his people in the Islamic world.

It doesn't matter what the Free World does or doesn't do... the truth is that the jihadists, led by the likes of Bin Laden, are literally programmed to start a war against the Free World as a matter of religious imperative. And, as we know from polling, the majority of Muslims are onside with the jihadists and possess a hatred of Israel, America and the entire non-Muslim world and wish to conquer it and transform it into a brutal Islamic theocracy.

What else can anyone conclude from all the evidence... from what they've done, are doing and are promising to do?

Oh, and here's some more of these nice, tolerant, peaceful folks:

Yep... words like "massacre" and "exterminate" and "dominate the world" are words of peace. Sure. Are you listening, leftists? Or have you forgotten about the three thousand innocents who were murdered by Islamic jihadists? And the millions more who already were and will be if nothing is done to stop jihadism.