Monday, February 25, 2013

"Mainstream" Media Outlet NBC Concurs With 'Conspiracy Theorists'

Newtown, Connecticut, USA.

Sandy Hook Elementary School.

Many lies told, aerial footage ignored by "mainstream" media, but not by the so-called "conspiracy theorists", who are really just concerned citizens saying "hey, look, see, the available evidence doesn't match up with what they're saying on TV".

Story here.

The correspondent makes it clear over and over again that he confirmed this information with federal and state officials. Now, a lot of media reports contradict this one, but somebody’s lying. The report that an ‘AR-15-style’ assault rifle was in the trunk of murderer Adam Lanza’s car is up for dispute as well. If one examines footage from police breaking into Lanza’s car, one sees police clearing a round from a “long gun of some type” that does not appear to be ‘AR-15 style’ or ‘assault-style.’

Indeed, you can see, AGAIN, the footage at the link.  (Which was posted ALL OVER THE ENTIRE DAMN INTERNET SINCE ALMOST DAY ONE ALREADY).

The shooter, allegedly Adam Lanza, didn't use a semiautomatic assault weapon... but a shotgun.

Hmm.... BUT WAIT... if the shooter was dead inside, then HOW DID THE MURDER WEAPON END UP OUTSIDE IN THE TRUNK OF HIS CAR?  A dead man calmly going outside, placing the murder weapon, a shotgun, into the trunk of a car, and then returning to the scene of his death and resuming being properly dead, not a zombie anymore?  Sorry, but we're not crazy like the media and the authorities and the leftist trolls.

Meaning?  Ok, How, then, could the alleged massacre have possibly have taken place?  Think about it.

Oh, and isn't it hilarious that NBC calls the supposedly-just-discovered footage "BREAKING NEWS"?  Hilarious because many so-called "conspiracy theorists" all over the internet have already shared this evidence.  I posted the evidence, too.  Breaking news, my ass!  Old news, really.  And once again, the bloggers beat the media to it.

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