Tuesday, September 20, 2011

The Case Against Ron Paul

Ron Paul.
He wants to be President of the United States.
So he needs to be vetted.  Obama wasn't, and we saw how that worked out.

The Case Against Ron Paul

Read it all.  It's a LOT of stuff that makes even his supporters take a second look.  IF they're intellectually honest, that is!


∞ ≠ ø said...

.... and this brings us back to

I fear,
Is not so dear.

He wants to have for fun.

He is,
So how's his health?

He’d be to quit his run.

He wants to ban the Fed.

Iran will make us dead!

A party not to wed...

And that brings us back to Paul.

Paul Drugs Old Smart Good Bad Tea Paul Tea Bad Good Smart Old Drugs Paul

(Vetting by the Von Trap Family Singers.)

Canadian Sentinel said...

Oh, I see, "Free", that you allege that the content at the link is false... Can you prove this?

glacierman said...

CS, the RINO's are SOOOOO...scared crapless of Ron, they are pulling out all the stops, turning over every rock with Ron Paul's name attached and mucking.

I have a question which you must ask yourself and Gabby and have a good long discussion before you get back to me, if you will. If you were to go over the Ron Paul's platform and the GOP's, do a comparrison, which America you would you rather live in? One based on personal responsibility or government control, that is what you are choosing?

For me, and my household, we would much rather choose life and liberty, as under the current system there is increasing less and less.

You can choose, which will it be?

Anonymous said...

Since Im not voting for Romney that means Im not voting for the GOP platform. I am with the tea party so therefore,they dont support the GOP platform either. Ron Paul has some good points, however, he has a lot of bad ones which outweigh the good. He is so low on the polls its irrelevent. Since this election is so important, we are not jumping the gun on someone with a few good points. Not everyone will be perfect, but to get close in these times is more critical. Someone who has some balls and wont take any crap from any foreign country. Get the economy back up and get the loosers off the streets. Does that help??

Canadian Sentinel said...

I'd add to that, hey, what makes some folks think that Ron Paul's own interpretation of the Constitution is correct? Who made him the ultimate authority of what it really says/means?

Ron Paul isn't known as an expert on the Constitution. Not like Michele Bachmann, actually.

Furthermore, re. the Patriot Act, I'd suggest that it's perhaps not the Act itself that's the problem, but the things the current regime does, notwithstanding that Act and notwithstanding the Constitution.

In short, we're just not sold on Ron Paul as President. We don't trust him. He has baggage, suspicious baggage, and his explanations of inconvenient stuff often don't wash.

Plus he said that leaving Iran alone would make Iran be nicer and leave America alone. Well, then, why is it that since America has left Iran alone, Iran attempted to carry out an assassination of a foreign dignitary on American soil? Shows how out of touch with reality Paul is. Appeasement does not work; history proves it. Didn't he learn its lessons?

Anonymous said...

Better yet, this article explains it soo much better.


glacierman said...

Thanks you two! But, I do have to ask.

Under which version of Amerika, according to the standing candidates would you be most comfortable to raise your children and walk down the streets at night in?

Ron Paul's America is the one for me, thank you very much. With all the troops back on home soil, there would be a lot less threats to common folk, the military machine would not be stripping the resource cupboard bare each and every day.

Canadian For Liberty said...

Hasn't changed my opinion or support of Dr.Paul's work a single bit. I've been studying these issues and following his work for over 6 years. I grew up in USSR and later in a former Soviet republic with high levels of corruption, and perfectly understand how big gov't works and everything that Dr.Paul is talking about, which is why he has my full support. The last thing I'd want is to see the same situation in the US. Unfortunately, this is where the country has been heading for a while. Dr. Paul is the only one out there, who actually understands this and tries to change things - not just say what he thinks you want him to say and call it a change to get elected like the rest of those guys.