Sunday, May 14, 2006

Liberals Purchased Worthless Antique Subs

Story here.

Those cheap, greedy Librano bastards! Curse that miserly bum Chretien! To hell with all Liberals who thought it was a fine thing to do.

How dare they... enrich themselves with billions of our tax dollars while buying used Sixties-era submarines for the Canadian Navy which cannot handle modern technology?

Really, the subs are worthless. It's not the Navy's fault... it's the Liberals' fault! Shame on the Liberals! May their Party collapse under its increasing debtload! May they suffer numerous further criminal investigations and have to repay millions of stolen tax dollars or be forced to fold and liquidate their tent!

What Canada needs is modern Trident subs, like the US Navy has. They work. They don't require years of work and millions of dollars more just to take a little trip!

Damn Librano bastards!

H/T: Bourque