Saturday, March 01, 2008

Liberal Troll "Don" Exposed!

Update: Don's nastiness online may have already cost his place of employ a customer who was about to do business with them...

(...) since I'm in agreement with much of their investing philosophy regarding hard ssests I was contemplating opening an account, however with scum such as Don Beemer on Jory executive that won't happen anytime soon.

Story here and here. Beautiful detective work, Mike Brock and Kate McMillan!

The nasty old Liberal troll we know as "Don", who, by the way, was the very first person I banned from my blog, has been exposed to the light of day and so has his position in the Liberal Party of Canada.

The commenter's real name is Don Beemer. He has a blog here. He is the Vice President of the Liberal Party of Canada in Manitoba's executive.

He's also a vice president of Jory Capital Inc. His employment at the firm was one of the first things confirmed by this quick search on my server:


Don seems to have quite a long involvement in politics. This site here says he was a loyal Chretienite.

He's also been (or still is), treasurer for the Better Business Bureau Manitoba.