Saturday, March 15, 2008

Bob Rae's Campaign Staff Linked To ADSCAM: Taylor

Liberal by-election candidate Bob Rae, in old photo, has been indirectly linked to ADSCAM

Stephen Taylor reports. h/t:
The Liberal scandals will not go away. Perhaps the Liberals are trying to milk the dry cow of the Cadman controversy to distract from their own scandals. Emphasis mine.
Former and likely future Liberal leadership candidate Bob Rae is working this weekend to get himself elected to the House of Commons in the riding of Toronto Centre. Rae is putting himself up as a fresh new ethical face for the Liberal Party, but this will ring hollow with voters Monday as he hired two campaign workers during his failed leadership bid that previously received Adscam money. Gomery described the sponsorship Scandal as "elaborate kickback scheme" conducted by members of the Liberal party and their associates in Quebec.
When Rae was running to replace Bill Graham/Paul Martin as the new leader of the Liberal Party, he hired two staffers Franco Iacono and Gaetano Manganiello, two former employees of the Liberal Party of Canada
(documentation provided)
Rae declared that $14,750 was paid to Iacono for "Salaries and Wages" while $3,000 was claimed for Manganiello in "Salaries and Wages" while $1766.26 was paid for "Miscellaneous expenses".
Why did he think to hire these Liberal party operatives? Did he know that these men gave testimony before the Gomery inquiry? Iacono and Manganiello went on to work for Bob Rae's leadership campaign.
After going through the drama of the Sponsorship Scandal and having an electorate focused upon ethics, why would Rae's campaign involve these two in his leadership bid?
Good work, Stephen! Please keep it up!
Now is the time to start asking questions of Mr. Rae as well as pretty much the entire Liberal Party for being comfortable with the Party's continuing history of rampant, unethical greediness and criminality.