Sunday, March 16, 2008

Taliban Torch Brand New School

While the "progressives" demand that we leave the poor, helpless Afghan People to fend for themselves against the hateful, mercilessly bloodthirsty Taliban beasts, the Taliban itself goes and demonstrates yet another example of what the Afghans will get more of if we stop protecting them with combat action by altruistic soldiers who will give their lives if necessary so that the innocent can be free.

If we leave Afghanistan, stop providing armed opposition to the Taliban, stop getting rid of those hatefully dangerous butchers, then Afghans can expect to lose all the new schools, hospitals, other social services we've provided to them, plus their human rights.

Women will once again be non-persons, forced to drape themeslves against their will in unattractive sacks. They will be accused again of wrongdoing and summarily executed in soccer fields all over again.

And we can expect the Taliban to welcome back Osama bin Laden so that he can more comfortably plot and plan his hateful, murderous operations once again without having to be constantly on the run like a filthy old mountain goat.

Really. Only the stupid and ignorant, the selfish and greedy, the hateful and mean-spirited truly believe that we should be leaving the Afghan people to fend for themselves, something they cannot do yet.

We must stay and finish the job, ensure that the Afghan government is fully prepared to deal with the Taliban menace on its own.

Therefore, we're staying.

UPDATE: In fact, NATO, according to this report, is expected by Canada's Foreign Affairs Minister Peter MacKay to pledge an additional 1,000 forces to the mission.