Monday, March 31, 2008

Liberals Say More Stuff They Don't Mean

Here's Liberal Leader Stephane Dion, accusing the government: "You bad! You very, very bad!"

Here's Stephane Dion again, turning around to bask in the approval of his people for acting tough even though he doesn't mean it. Observe the dismissive, derisive smirk on the face of Michael Ignatieff, right, Deputy Leader and chief leadership rival to Mr. Dion...

And, finally, here's what Stephane Dion turns into when it comes time to put his money where his mouth is and then not let his people vote against that which he condemned as allegedly bad. What a pussy!

Oh, ok... now the story in question. Prime Minister Stephen Harper says of his pro-immigration legislation:

“That [status quo] is unacceptable to Canada. It is unfair to immigrants,” Mr. Harper said.

“We are getting the system reformed so that immigrants are treated fairly and
get to this country as quickly as they do in our competing countries that are letting in immigrants a lot more quickly than we are. We need them. That is what we are doing.”

Only a leftist like Stephane Dion would think that speeding up immigration by qualified, prepared-to-contribute, skilled, etc., immigrants is a bad thing. How on earth can anyone be opposed to facilitating the immigration of people who possess badly-needed skills? Why would leftists prefer to have the unskilled get in easily instead? It's illogical.

Sound and fury, condemnations over the proposed legislation to resolve the huge backlogs of applications speedily, help immigrants to come in faster... then an admission that they probably won't really oppose the legislation after all.

Liberal politicians in Parliament. The most useless people in Canada.
Imagine them in power... Imagine them even more destructive than last time they were granted the levers of administration and demonstrated that they're not only unfit to govern, but worse, in fact...

Again check out the expression of Michael Ignatieff, right, Mr. Dion's chief leadership rival. Wonder what lurks behind that scary countenance? Is he reacting to something foul, or is he, Machiavellian-like, plotting mutiny? Well, one can hardly blame him... Mr. Dion is seen as the Party's most destructive liability, at least the most destructive, visibly... But we must never forget that the Liberal Party itself is the most destructive force in Canada!