Tuesday, March 18, 2008

Poll Indicates Blissful Ignorance of What Would Be Required to "Combat Climate Change"

Story here. h/t: NationalNewswatch.com Emphasis mine.

OTTAWA - Four of five Canadians say they understand what is causing global warming but a majority does not seem to know that scientific research blames greenhouse gas pollution from industrial facilities and other human activity for causing the problem, a poll has revealed.

Meantime, despite gloomy media reports and warnings about a recession, the environment remains the No. 1 priority of Canadians ahead of both jobs and the economy, according to the survey commissioned by a public relations firm and a non-profit group set up to educate people in Canada about global warming.

When asked "what is the most important problem facing Canada today," 20 per cent of respondents said the environment, followed by 14 per cent who said health care, 13 per cent who said the economy and 10 per cent who said they were concerned about social issues or poverty. Only seven per cent said they were concerned about governance issues, followed by five per cent who said they were concerned about the war in Afghanistan and four per cent who said they were concerned about jobs and unemployment.

McAllister Opinion Research surveyed 1,014 Canadian adults March 7-March 10 and its findings are considered accurate within 3.1 percentage points, 19 times out of 20.

This is very interesting, actually, and bears careful, sober analysis. While the article naturally has the usual mainstream-media spin, it's not the only way to look at it, so here's another.

My suggestion is that Canadians don't really understand, that they've only simply heard and become unrealizingly mesmerized over and over again by the overwhelming propaganda that there's "global warming" and "climate change" and that somehow the government can put a stop to it via some incomprehensible, mysterious, but impressive-sounding things called "Kyoto" and "emissions credit trading" and whatnot.

Impacting industry and personal lifestyles so extremely, as the enviro-fascists want to happen, would have seriously deleterious consequences for the economy, for employment and for the People, personally, of course.

They don't really realize what it means for the economy, employment and themselves personally. Imagine the poll results if they understood that it would really hurt them personally. I suspect the results would be radically altered.

Despite the enviro-fascists' claims that it's "all figured out perfectly 100%" or similar nonsense, it's not a given that "environmental technologies" will provide enough employment to replace all the jobs sacrificed at the altar of climate change worship. Little do Canadians realize that if we follow the bizarrely-extreme, exclusively-free-world-punishing, enviro-fascist agenda on "climate change", we will likely see our great and strong nation plunged into such a depression the likes of which hasn't been seen since the Dirty Thirties leading up to World War Two.

They don't realize that draconian, extreme policies restricting energy and emissions and so on will kill so much economic activity and shift it all to, for example, the belligerent, brutal China and Russia, who are exempt from having to do anything themselves, despite being horrendous greenhouse gas emitters and getting worse in a hurry.

The implications of this for Canada and the rest of the free world are ominously devastating.

The Liberals in Canada did absolutely nothing despite pretentiously pledging to do what they could. Why? Because they know it's a scam, that it'd have destroyed Canada's economy and devastated their party far worse in the last general election. But they also realize that, for the moment, it's still politically popular to pay furious lip service to "climate change" and "the environment" even whilst not meaning a single uttered word. They see easy votes in brainlessly rejecting absolutely everything and anything the Conservative government does to help in terms of "the environment", always screaming, "It's worthless... not nearly enough!" and so on and so forth, just like the NDP and the Bloc. These extremists are trying to one-up one another in the "I'm more environmentally-fascist than you" department, and it's leading us nowhere but towards possible disaster, and not the kind of imaginary disaster story with which they try to scare us.

But they cannot be allowed to play such nasty, cynical, hypocritical politics forever.

I declare that we must have an unrestricted, free and fully open information campaign to counter the lies of the enviro-fascist movement so as to properly inform the People exactly what is being pushed at them with such fearmongering and false assurances that everything will be all right as long as we think and do precisely as we're told.

The so-defamed "deniers" in the scientific community must be granted each and every equal opportunity to tell the People their views, too, just as have been those who try to frighten the People into submission with gross exaggerations based on suspect, demonstrated- unreliable "data".

The monopolistic dominance of the snake oil marketers must come to an end immediately and the truth given a fair airing, no matter how inconvenient it is to the likes of Al Gore and David Suzuki.

Doubt is healthy. And the People have every right to raise doubts and ask inconvenient questions of the enviro-fascists, who seem to favor the non-free, belligerent world over the free world for some potential frightening reason we have yet to expose. Their scam must be exposed, the real "inconvenient" truth illuminated for the People to see... finally... so that the People can, democratically, make the decision as to what course(s) of action to take according to the best information they can possibly have, which they currently are being denied by the enviro-fascists.