Tuesday, March 04, 2008

Domestic Terrorism By Left-Wing Extremists

Story here. h/t: SDA

Pre-dawn fires destroyed four new homes in an upscale Seattle suburb Monday, local officials said, with environmental extremists reportedly suspected of arson.


Local media reported that the fire chief found signs with the initials of the Earth Liberation Front at the scene, and explosives were reportedly used to start the blaze.


Fox News reported that the FBI was investigating the fire as a "domestic terrorism act".

The loosely organized radical environmental group has been accused by US authorities of using terror tactics in several arson attacks in Western states to drive home their message on the damage being caused to the environment.

Just like Al Qaeda and the PLO, eh?

Will people have to start dying before the world awakens to the reality that the whole global warming/climate chage scam is a Far-Left Big Lie, like the Big Lie about the supposed existence of a "Palestine" and the falsely-alleged "occupation" of that imaginary land by the innocent-victim Israel?

What will we learn next, that the KGB invented the whole thing, just as they invented the myth of "Palestine" and actually terrorism itself? I wouldn't be surprised, as it's the Free World, not the non-Free World (Russia and its Axis allies), who's being told to decimate their economies to "save the world and humanity"? Of course, decimation of the economy is obviously something whished upon us by our enemies. After all, a decimated economy cannot produce a powerful military to enable a nation to fight back when attacked!