Wednesday, March 05, 2008

Doubts Abound As Publisher Edits Cadman Book, Admits Doesn't Know Truth

"We simply don't know": Publisher
Story here. h/t:
Publisher Howard White told Canwest News Service yesterday that he "stopped the presses" to update the book with Prime Minister Stephen Harper's denial that party officials tried to bribe Cadman and to remove the May 17 date cited by Cadman's widow as when her husband received an offer from Conservative representatives.
The government has restricted its reaction to the bribe allegation to a meeting two days later, May 19, during which, it says, the only offer Conservative officials Doug Finley and Tom Flanagan made was to invite Cadman to run as a Conservative candidate in the next election with the backing of the party apparatus.
Harper again insisted in the House of Commons that the Conservatives offered Cadman nothing more than the party nomination for the riding, and assurances "financially and otherwise" that he was able to fight a successful election campaign.
"Those are the facts," Harper said, vowing to proceed with a threatened libel suit against Liberal Leader Stephane Dion if he does not withdraw and apologize for alleging Harper was aware of a bribery attempt.
"The leader of the opposition says otherwise. We will see how that theory stands up when he has to deal with it in a court of law."
I think that, even to "progressives" (that means Liberals, too), it's apparent that those making the accusations clearly are confused and don't know what they're screaming their fool Liberal heads off about. And that the Conservative government and Prime Minister Stephen Harper are consistent with their answers and outright denials of the accusations. They know the truth, and speak it, apparently. This is what everyone ought to realize, and also remember the principle of innocent unless proven guilty. And there's never been any proof offered, only accusations borne of simple confusion and, worse, partisan animosity, terrible desperation and gross stupidity.
Wonder if the publisher may have had a little chitchat with some lawyers before stopping the presses and making the changes? Well, whatever the case was (we don't know the answer to this, either), I'd say he's far smarter than the Liberals, who have chosen to dig themselves into a twenty-foot hole without bothering to have a ladder handy...
Those who live in glass houses, like the Liberals...
To their credit, the New Democrats are going to oppose a Liberal motion to have politicians look into the whole Cadman thing. The NDP rightly says we should leave it all up to the police. Good on 'em, those NDPers, for being smarter than the Liberals, in basically rejecting the politicization of this thing. After all, politicization is, for the Liberals, an act of desperation, an attempt to cheat to try to make their partisan counterpart, the government, look falsely bad. The Liberals are, after all, masters of demonization of political opponents and are again proving they're the same party that commited the ADSCAM crime, that they haven't changed a bit, other than for the worse. And the Liberals are today the worst demagogues they've ever been.