Thursday, March 06, 2008

Canadian Socialist Leader Layton on CNN's Lou Dobbs Tonight

Canadian socialist leader Jack Layton, left (really, really left), with wife Olivia at a sexual extremist propaganda event, one of his favorite places to be, besides at pro-Isalmofascist events

No, we're not talking about YF-12 "Blackbird" test pilot Jack Layton here. So see below...

New Democrat leader Jack Layton is reported to be about to go mano a mano tonight on CNN with Lou Dobbs, who's definitely not known as any sort of socialist and won't let anyone, including "Taliban Jack" Layton, get away with spewing progressive BS.

I'm definitely going to watch this. Maybe Lou will put Taliban Jack in his place!

Too bad Lou doesn't have the power to put him in his rightful place, which is also the rightful place of all socialists, namely, one of those places where a lot of folks wear housecoats all day, every day, and spend time in both rubber rooms and common rooms, with big, white-pajama-clad guys standing nearby just in case someone has a fit of unhinged moonbattery.

Some images of Taliban Jack Layton with the sort of folks he thinks are simply wonderful:

Above: Layton looks lovingly at mass babykiller, infamous abortion "doctor" Henry Morgentaler

Above, right: Layton hugs Maher Arar, who is believed by the United States to be part of Al Qaeda. Left: Liberal leader Stephane Dion with the same man