Monday, March 24, 2008

Communists Fire On Tibetan Monks, Nuns

The massacre is well underway.

The extent to which... is unknown. After all, the Communists have already expelled the media from Tibet to facilitate the massacre and minimize the impact from news getting out about it.

One cannot help but assume far worse than we're learning right now. After all, when we can't see what's happening, like in the Holocaust in the Third Reich against Jews and other supposed inconvenients, and like the holocaust today in China against the Falun Gong, the evildoers are hoping to carry out their slaughters in private so that we won't know what evil folks they truly are... they don't want us to turn away from them, let alone punish them for their evil.

We're getting bits and pieces of reports that do get out. This is but one.

Paramilitary police opened fire on hundreds of monks, nuns and Tibetans who tried to march on a local government office in western China yesterday to demand the return of the Dalai Lama.

Residents of Luhuo said that a monk and a farmer appeared to have been killed and about a dozen people wounded in the latest violence in Tibetan areas of China. Xinhua, the official Chinese news agency, said that one officer was killed when police confronted a “lawless mob” in Luhuo.

"Lawless mob". I'd call that Communist propaganda. They'll demonize anyone and everyone who dares to stand up and demand their human rights be respected by the Communists.

You know, as long as the media is forbidden to see for itself what's going on in Tibet, how on earth can we trust Communist media when they try to tell us what they want us to think?

We cannot trust the Communists. It isn't possible.

I'm aware, by the way, that US House of Represenatives Speaker Nancy Pelosi is ripping quite hard into the Communists whilst President Bush, surprisingly, hasn't really said anything much. What a reversal. Last time I looked, Pelosi praised Islamofascists while Bush denounced them. Now it's the other way around, essentially, when it comes to the evil Communist regime in China.

Oh, well... neither Bush nor Pelosi will be President next year, so I guess the important thing now is for the potential future US President to take a strong stand against the Communists.

And why aren't we hearing anything in the mainstream media about the holocaust by the Communists of China against the Falun Gong? As to the holocaust, the Communists have been waging a sort of "final solution" of extermination of the Falun Gong so as to prevent embarrassment during the Olympics.

Well, there's no preventing international embarrassment for the Communists anymore, as things are happening which they themselves set in motion with their evil policies and actions.

As a good Falun Gong friend of mine would remind me, it's all about karma.

The world is only beginning to get a tiny picture of the evil that the Chinese Communist Party does.

We eventually saw the horrors of the German Holocaust in black and white.

The horrors of the Communist regime of China will come to light soon enough, too.

When that happens, the People of the World will wonder how they could have been so ignorant.

And then, the Chinese Communist Party will be dead. And the Chinese People will hopefully be free. As will be Tibet. And Taiwan.

Listen to the death knell of the Chinese Communist Party for yourself. It's the Nazi Party of today.