Saturday, March 29, 2008

Feds Must Cut Spending: Economists

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I agree. There's still too much waste of taxpayer monies by Ottawa. There's still billions that can be saved by axing what we don't need.

Already we've had the "Court Challenges Program" ended, and good riddance; that was really a socialist/far-leftwing, radical-reengineering Trojan horse for the far left to push its extremist agenda into the courts, where they found sympathetic activist judges who ruled in their favor no matter what, thus contributing to radical social reengineering to make extremists happy and astonish regular Canadians.

There's other examples of useless, wasteful far-left ideological programs which had to be eliminated or cut, and which were. At least that was a start.

But with a minority situation and a Liberal-partisan-dominated Senate, how far can Ottawa go? Not very.

What's astonishing about the leftist Opposition is that they want to raise taxes again, along with ratcheting spending on "social programs" up by unpredictable billions, tens of billions, actually, if we're to add up the demands and promises made by the Opposition. And that doesn't account for their hidden-agenda ideas for blowing billions more of our money to make their lazy socialist brethren happy.

Of course, much of the increase in spending we've seen under the Conservatives has been overdue, necessary spending, such as on the military, which needs to be rebuilt very seriously following years of cavalier neglect and gutting by Liberal governments. Transfers to provinces to ameliorate the fiscal imbalance were a political requirement, a promise made and kept, something upon which the government was elected to do.

But you know, there's so much wasteful stuff that needs to be slashed. Already we've seen the government bring in criteria with respect to filmmaking tax credits that will deny tax credits to obscene, hateful and violent films with no value to Canadians at all. Another step in the right direction, wrongly blasted by greedy filmmakers as "censorship" despite the fact that they can still produce whatever crap they want on their own dime, as opposed to partly on ours.

Then there's the fascist, rights-violating Canadian "Human Rights" Commission, which has been exposed as taking away peoples' rights, particularly the right to free speech and a fair trial, and has been found to have its agents going around posing as "haters" for the purpose of entrapping innocent people whom they suspect might be "haters", but who were never demonstrated as such, another violation, in terms of the presumption of innocence. The CHRC, too, has to go, as its original mandate is no longer really needed, and as it's morphed into a fascist, thought-police kangaroo court, wholly discredited and denormalized.

Then there's the CBC. We don't need a state broadcaster, particularly an ideological, partisan, crap-producing one. There's over a billion dollars a year in savings in this one alone!

What else can we get rid of? How about the Senate, if it proves impossible to reform it to serve the Canadian People, as opposed to the Liberal Party?

And let there be no doubt that it's the Conservatives who have the credibility and the ultimate will to rein in spending. Not any of the Opposition parties, who are screaming for higher taxes and billions and billions more in social-reengineering-oriented social programs.

Cut spending, yes, but cut what we don't need, as opposed to what we do. Only a real Conservative government can accomplish this. After all, the Liberal cut things we need, like health care and education, they gutted the military, neglected the RCMP, Coast Guard, CSIS, etc... while squirreling away billions in the mysterious "Foundations", throwing cash at canoe museums, ice cream parlors, swimming pools, golf courses, hotels, a fountain in the middle of the Shawinigan (PM Chretien's riding) River, and, most recently, ADSCAM. The list of spending abuses by the Liberals is quite long...