Friday, March 07, 2008

Angry Citizens Force Vote On Co-Ed Showers

The progressives in power think they can make anything they want to happen, including letting transsexuals use whichever shower they want, for example.

A recently passed Maryland county law that critics say allows men and women to mix in restrooms and locker rooms has been put on hold until it goes before voters this fall.

Hey, guess what? Maryland has a "Human Rights" Commission, too. No wonder Maryland's state apparatus is trying to do bizarre things like this.

Well, read the whole thing, and watch the following video of a Liberal Fascist telling someone they can't have petitions; that petitions are "illegal", and claimed that she received an email saying so. Isn't that nice? Like Mussolini with a smile on his face, maybe.

"Petition collectors were gathering signatures at the Westwood Shopping Center in Bethesda last Monday. A volunteer for the group took the video as Beyer approached their table. When Beyer realized the incident was being videoed, Beyer quickly left the scene," the organization said.

But the citizens organization said a call to Giant corporate headquarters revealed no such e-mail had gone out.

Isn't that nice? A Liberal Fascist... lied in the name of Liberal Fascism. Not that that should surprise anyone. Kind of like Taqiyya for Liberal Fascists, eh?