Monday, March 17, 2008

CBC Bigwigs Stiffed Taxpayers With Fat-Cat Expenses

Photo: Former President & CEO of CBC, Robert Rabinovitch, enjoyed himself so much on our dime that he actually fell off of his chair

Not only have we been paying for crap to be broadcast over our airwaves, we're paying for the CBC crap producers to sloth away in the lap of luxury. Emphasis mine.

Documents obtained through Access to Information show former president and CEO of the taxpayer-funded CBC, Robert Rabinovitch, enjoyed a five-day stay at the posh Ciragan Palace Kempinski Hotel in Turkey.

The stay in September 2006 cost $4,377 to enjoy the hospitality of one of the world's most luxurious resort accommodations.


He called it "a very wise expenditure of our funds" because it provided a unique opportunity to discuss future co-productions from around the world.

Oh, puh-leeeze! What, they didn't have a Holiday Inn Express or something much more reasonable?

Who the hell gave permission to stay someplace so ridiculously luxurious? Certainly not the Canadian People to whom the shocking bill was sent!


Documents also show that Nancy Lee, former head of CBC Sports, and her deputy David Masse, spent $8,590 over five days staying at the sister hotel to the Ciragan, the Kempinski Hotel Adlon in Berlin.


Lee also billed the CBC about $200 for something called "Kosmetik" during her stay. Chambers could not explain the expense, but staff at the hotel said it was likely for the purchase of skin lotion or another cosmetic product.

Hey! What the...? Clearly, the Liberals had fostered a culture of entitlement at the CBC as well as elsewhere across the state apparatus.