Sunday, March 16, 2008

An Anti-Liberal Returns to Blogging

Let's all go visit and welcome The Trusty Tory.

Not sure who it is, but I have a feeling that Trusty Tory is someone who has what it takes to really contribute to the fight against those nasty, crooked, unethical, immoral Liberals most Canadians love to hate and hate to love and view as "those scumbaggy guys we can't live with and can't get rid of".

So, took a brief hiatus, went on a vacation and lived life a little bit.

But I’m back…and with one hell of a chip on my shoulder.

Against who, you ask? You guessed it..the usual suspects: the Liberal Party of Canada.

Day after day I watch those bozos in the House of Commons during Question Period, trying to focus on non-scandals and ridiculous accusations…making the rat-pack of the 1980’s look like a Church Choir.

Welcome back, Trusty Tory, and welcome back to the battle for Canada!

One day soon I'll really have to take a good look at my personal blogroll and update it appropriately. There's some folks' blogs who belong on it who'll have to get thereon. Might as well de-list any now-long-defunct urls as well.