Saturday, March 29, 2008

German Chancellor To Boycott Bloody Olympics

It's beginning. The world is beginning to turn its back on the Chinese Communist Party by boycotting the Bloody Beijing Olympics.

One person at a time. Most lately, the first national head of government has declared she won't attend.

More and more the world is awakening as to the brutal, monstrous reality of Communist rule in China, where there are no human rights whatsoever and where the almighty buck as well as absolute power and evil are the prime directives.

The Communists brought it upon themselves. Their infinite evilness couldn't be hidden for long. Eventually the morally-dormant of the world would awaken one by one, opening their eyes to the truth.

Perfectly karmatic. While some say that no good deed goes unpunished, the truth is that eventually evil deeds will lead to punishment of one kind or another for evildoers.

Soon enough, the punishment for the Chinese Communist Party will be its extinction. Those still belonging to the Party are urged to exercise their right to leave it... and leave.