Wednesday, March 05, 2008

Calling Stephane Dion To Account For His Own Knowledge of Liberal Criminality

Should we all be asking seriously assertive questions about what Liberal leader Stephane Dion himself knew of the criminality of ADSCAM?

I don't believe Mr. Dion's denials as to knowing about criminal wrongdoing and/or a plot to make the program work for the purpose of enriching Liberals. I just don't believe him. Why should anyone take his word for it, if he won't take other peoples' word when they unequivocally state that nothing wrong happened? I mean, he's a hypocritical asshole, himself having sued Bloc leader Gilles Duceppe for accusing him of knowing about criminality in ADSCAM. Today, he's like, "Oh, come on!" as he's himself being sued for doing exactly what he sued Duceppe for doing to him! This guy's un-fecking believable!

He won't take the current Prime Minister at his word, nor will he respect the fact that he offers no proof whatsoever for his viciously malicious defamations against Prime Minister Stephen Harper, who has explained that no improper offers were ever made to Chuck Cadman. This means that Big Stephen will pulverize Little Stephanie in court for malicious defamation. And it's not a threat to sue; it's actually going to happen. Too bad Little Stephanie is in denial. Poor little Stephanie.

Should we be demanding that those Liberals, like Stephane Dion, who, being in Cabinet, were fully privy to everything that came across the Cabinet table, including the criminal scam ADSCAM, explain themselves?

As long as the Liberals insist that the Cadman non-issue is the most critically important thing facing Canada today, then let's treat ADSCAM and the nature of Stephane Dion's own suspected knowledge about the criminal wrongdoing thereabout exactly the same. Let's have the Ethics Committee grill them! Let's tell the RCMP to look into it again!

Oh, and isn't it shameful that the Liberals aren't doing the job we paid them to do, like voting on important bills like the Budget, last night, for which most Liberals were absent, save for a few bigwigs like Dion?
Oh, and what about the Belinda Stronach defection to the Liberals and her voting on their side, soon thereafter enjoying a completely-new, never-before-existed Cabinet post? Personally, I don't believe for a split second that there weren't discussions between the Liberals and Ms. Stronach as to whether she might be rewarded somehow for defecting and voting on the Liberal side. Let us ask endless questions and make endless demands for political and police investigations into this affair!
And remember the Gurmant Grewal audiotape of his meeting with Liberals who are clearly heard on the perfectly-original (the RCMP examined it forensically following the Liberals' accusations and some "experts" in the MSM claiming that it's "forged/doctored/altered") tape discussing possible future considerations (remember the clearly-heard utterance "Senate/not Senate", for example) for Mr. Grewal should he vote with the Liberals. Let's make a big stink over this... demanding all Liberals involved explain themselves and demanding investigations, inquiries and police examination of this affair!

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Interestingly I see from the results at this time that nine out of ten people agree with me. I guess that only ten percent of people are Liberals, then... or perhaps it's still 25-30%, but many of them are sick and tired of their own party's absolute BS and complete refusal to really, in deed, not just in word, do their job as Opposition, first condemning the government as "right-wing extremist" and "unacceptable", and then turning around and making sure that the government's agenda moves forward. It's priceless... seeing only a handful of Liberals present in the House last night to vote against the Conservative Budget, ensuring that it passed. Of course, the Liberals will do anything to avoid facing the People in an election, as, clearly they know they'd be pulverized by the Conservatives. Talk about saying one thing and doing another, about standing for or against everything and standing for or against nothing simultaneously!

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