Sunday, March 02, 2008

Peace Talks? What Peace Talks?

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Oh, those so-called "peace talks". The bullshit farce believed by only the stupid and guillible. And by the hateful and intolerant.

The "peace talks" that continue as the farce they are whilst the "Palestinians" keep on shooting thousands of weapons of mass destruction into Israel, wounding and murdering many, many innocents on a daily basis. Those "peace talks".

So finally Israel has had enough of the Hamas animals and their rockets and stands up to defend herself, as is her inalienable right.

And "Palestine" "breaks off" the "peace talks"?

What a laugh!

Take that, you butchers who do NOT want peace, who only want to kill all Jews, all Israelis and then occupy Israel, a land which does NOT belong to you, nor ever did. Screw you hateful, evil monsters!

Why can't the world see what's going on? Why did they ignore all the thousands of rockets the supposedly-wanting-peace-but-really-not "Palestinians" for so long but now they pay attention and report that Israel is hitting the enemy, as if offensively, rather than defensively? Where does the world and the MSM get off participating in this big, evil, hateful lie? Are they brainwashed, like the German People were during the Holocaust, when they helped exterminate millions of Jews and other "undesirables" and "inconvenients"?

Never again? It's happening again. Shame on the world for not giving a shit about this unfortunate repetition of history!

I'm disgusted and disappointed in the massive faction of humanity that willingly falls for the lies!

Disgusting! Reprehensible! Shameful! A terrible blight on the human race!

Leave Israel alone and condemn "Palestine" for its racism and intolerance and murder and hate and all that!

F*ck "Palestine"!

F*ck radical, hateful, supremacistic, imperialistic, murderous Islam!

By the way, it's also time to point the finger at Russia and the KGB, for this whole thing is their doing. They started it. Arafat was a KGB agent, actually. Disprove it, I dare you!