Wednesday, March 26, 2008

Climate Change? Forget About It: McGuinty Liberals

Liberal Premier of Ontario Dalton McGuinty: Climate Change denier or just a realist?

(Note: This is a perfect follow-up to my previous post, Higher Energy Bills Likely With Emissions Reductions: Harper )

I didn't make this up. Ontario's Liberal government yesterday brought down its socialistic budget... and, according to the Toronto Sun's Lorrie Goldstein, did not really pay anything more than throwaway, afterthought lip service to the supposedly most critically important issue facing the planet, global warming/climate change. Emphasis mine.

This is interesing. And it speaks volumes...

What ever happened to fighting the greatest threat known to mankind in yesterday's Ontario budget?

Incredibly, Finance Minister Dwight Duncan didn't mention "global warming" at all in his 14-page budget speech. "Climate change" got only one mention, in one brief sentence, on page 10.

Even that was two pages back of his apparently all-important plan "to enhance the Ontario Interactive Digital Media Tax Credit."

The budget itself devoted just three of 158 pages (1.9%) to all environmental issues, many of which have nothing to do with global warming.


Finally, and most tellingly, the media didn't ask one question of Duncan, Conservative Leader John Tory or NDP Leader Howard Hampton in three separate news conferences, about Premier Dalton McGuinty's plans to fight climate change -- not even as we all merrily prepare for "Earth Hour" this Saturday.

Read it all.

You know, when it comes time to actually do something concrete and challenging, to put one's money (oh, wait... I mean, the Peoples' money) where one's big mouth is, we see that Liberals (remembering the federal ones, who did nothing other than make a big noise-off about Kyoto, etc.) will basically forget about it.

And now we have the mainstream media (MSM), after all its sound and fury over the years of saying, "We have to do something! There is no debate! The IPCC, with their unimpeachable consensus, sound science and peer-review and all that impressive BS, tells us it's happening! We must take extreme measures now or else we'll all become extinct in no time!!! Aaaaahhhhh!!!!!", also forgetting about it.

You know, I predicted several times that the "progressives" would soon enough get tired of not getting their way in a hurry and forget about this latest Big Lie and move on.

This may well be the first indication. A Liberal government has abandoned its jihad against the imaginary impending catastrophe. The MSM appears to be letting them off the hook just like that. Wow! Imagine how different the reporters' questioning would've been if it had been a Conservative government instead of a "progressive" Liberal one...

Guess what? Already it's a non-story.

Just watch the progressives shut up one by one and move on to the next Big Lie.

That train has already left the station. Yesterday, with the Ontario government's budget.

There is no impending catastrophe. It was all an international socialist scam. All a Big Lie.

Liberals everywhere know it just as well as everyone else does. At least the Ontario McGuinty Liberals. The rest of the progressive movement will soon enough know it too, or at least see a shiny object that takes their attention away from the whole scam. Many probably won't even remember what happened... rather as if they were on some kind of bender, drunk as the Irish on St. Paddy's Day...