Saturday, March 29, 2008

Freedom Fighter Levant Takes on Chinese Commie Propagandists

We know that Hezbollah and their friends at AP and Reuters used fauxtography during the 2006 Israel-Hezbollah war -- that is, either elaborately staging photo scenes, or outright photoshopping news images, to make Israel look bad.

It should come as no surprise that the Chinese government is engaging in fauxtography in its war against Tibet. Take a look at these two photos, both of them distributed to the media by the Chinese government.

It's easy to spot the difference, when the two are juxtaposed: the knife-wielding fellow in the top right has been photoshopped out of the second photo.

Why did the Chinese propagandists erase that man?
Find out for yourself, but I think you know why... to protect the Communists' interests and demonize the Tibetans they oppress and tyrannize while illegally occupying their territory.

Communist China is properly taking a shellacking for its pogroms against Tibet. China's political talking points -- clunky Communist rhetoric reminiscent of Mao's Little Red Book -- have made a joke out of that country's pretentions of being a respectable member of the family of nations. No-one alive thinks that the Dalai Lama is an evil man, or even a Nazi as Beijing's official clowns in Ottawa called him. If anyone's Nazi-like, it's China, with their Mengele-like harvesting of organs from Chinese political and religious dissidents.

No-one is buying that -- unless they've got a personal stake in believing it. And in Canada, that means a phalanx of Communist ventriloquist puppets, mouthing what their masters in Beijing tell them to say. Here's the depressing story in the new Epoch Times. Here are the opening paragraphs: (...)

Freedom Fighter Ezra Levant stands up for human rights everywhere, not just at home. Many could learn a lot from him. Like Warren Kinsella, who needs to know that there's lots more kinds of scary-waries out there than just phantom (and phony) Nazis lurking in public bathrooms...
Geez, you know, the way things work in Canada, next thing we know, some Communist spy will ironically launch a "human rights" complaint against Mr. Levant for "exposing Chinese Communists to hatred and contempt"... Then again, maybe not, as the "Human Rights" Commission is already denormalized and would be too terrified to try to persecute (jackboot) Mr. Levant again... after all, he's got 'em firmly gripped by the 'nads...