Monday, March 17, 2008

Liberal Infighting Continues Unabated

It appears that the infighting in the Liberal Party of Canada is continuing to occur as much as ever, according to this report.
Dion’s leadership, or lack thereof, is the worst seen since the days of John Turner. Quite frankly, it’s no little wonder the knives are out within their own ranks to end the charade of this so-called “leadership”.

Of course, the post is titled “Smiling Bastard”, which is pathetic at best. This strategy of namecalling, of course, is what Liberals resort to when their party is a pathetic shadow of its former self led by a dud of a leader (come on down 1984-1993).
Well, they also profusely use namecalling and outright slanders even at the zenith of their power, I've noticed.
The funniest part of it all, of course (other than the rhetoric and slander posted on the Liberal website) is the fact that the infighting proves to Canadians exactly how indecisive and pathetic their leadership and party has become.

The author of that post rationalizes at the end by stating “other than that, the Liberal performance hasn’t been bad” but that’s just broken glass Liberal voters at their best. Despite this individuals complaints of abstention and non-action within the Liberal party, he’ll hold his nose and vote Liberal just because. Tsk. Tsk.
I couldn't have said it better myself.
And the fact that anyone would still vote Liberal after everything, all the criminality, all the intolerance and extremism within the Liberal Party, which continues to this day as much as ever, is proof positive that Liberalism is either a mental disorder or a fetish for power and making easy money without doing more than, say, passing an envelope.
Very astute analysis of the Liberals by The Trusty Tory. I predict that that blog will become one of the must-reads for those who can't stand those crooked Librano SOBs.