Monday, March 31, 2008

LiveLeak Rises Against Islamofascists, Restores 'Fitna'

LiveLeak is putting Geert Wilders's 'Fitna' back online following a brief censorship in response to Islamofascistic pressure.

"We will not be pressured into censoring material which is legal..."

"We apologise for the removal and the delay in getting it back..."

Well, I agree with LiveLeak that there are indeed dangerous individuals out there who do indeed threaten the lives of those who dare to utter the truth about them.

I can understand now the brief removal of the film from LiveLeak. After all, I do recall myself briefly removing a post critical of rabid far-left spin doctor Warren Kinsella and later defiantly reposting it once I realized that there really wasn't anything to fear, thanks to Canadian freedom fighter Ezra Levant, who reassured us quite well that Mr. Kinsella just does that (threaten to sue) all the time to intimidate his detractors and critics. Sometimes bullies try to scare the mud out of us, and succeed. But they don't have to enjoy permanent success. One wonders why they bother at all, why they don't just get used to being criticized for being the nasty-nasties they are...

Sometimes we get knocked down. Sometimes we decide to get right back up and continue fighting...

I'd note also about LiveLeak's declaration that one must be at least 18 to view the film: Hey, does the same age restriction stop people under 18 from taking a peek inside dirty magazines should they happen to get ahold of any, or from watching really hardcore horror DVDs when they find some? And does it deter kids from watching stuff on TV that's supposed to be only for those over 14 or over 18? The warning will actually make more people want to watch 'Fitna' all the more. Hey, LiveLeak is really smart, there... good on you for helping get the truth out there.