Sunday, March 16, 2008

Open March 25th Cross-Examination of "HR" Inquisitors to Public: Keith Martin

Story here. Read it all. It's extremely important, no matter what your political ideology may be.


Dr. Keith Martin, a maverick Liberal MP (for now... wink, wink) who brought forth a Private Member's Bill to abolish the unconstitutional Section 13(1) of the so-called "Canadian Human Rights Act", a move widely supported by folks across the political-ideological spectrum but not by the "progressive" political parties, is demanding that the upcoming March 25th cross-examination of "Human Rights" Commission inquisitors be opened to the public. Doing so is the right thing to do in an open, free and democratic society, plus the inquisitors wouldn't be able to weasel out of tough questions about their behavior and agenda if they know the People are watching very closely, listening to every word, every nuance...

Dr. Martin reminds us that it's about protecting everyone's right to due process and to be guarateed the presumption of innocence unless and until proven guilty. Currently the CHRC takes these rights away, with the result that each and every single accusee is found guilty, with not a single aquittal, ever.

I agree that the cross-examination must be public, and I'd demand the media be allowed to cover it... live. And that the media actually do so, rather than being too timid to stand up for Canadians' rights.

Oh, and with respect to what the "progressive" Opposition parties in Parliament think is important, it appears to me that they would rather keep repeating the same questions about the Cadman controversy despite the government's being perfectly clear that nothing wrong was done. The Liberals in particular want to transform Parliamentary Committees into kangaroo courts to serve their witch-hunting obsession against the Conservatives, trying to throw something, anything at all they can find and grab, and have it stick. They could care less about the fact that our rights are at stake on March 25, which explains why they could care less whether the cross-examination is open to the public, to the media, to scrutiny. Why scrutinize hearsay allegations (which have been trumped by Chuck Cadman's own declarations on camera) rather than the fascists of the so-called "Human Rights" Commission? I guess we know where the "progressive" Opposition's priorities lie: In their electoral calculations, and not with our interests as Canadians who want to be guaranteed our Charter rights and not have them quietly taken away by protected, entitlist elitists.

Oh, and I'd also like to officially declare that I, The Canadian Sentinel, believe that Dr. Keith Martin is a true human rights champion and that Richard Warman and Warren Kinsella are not.