Tuesday, March 25, 2008

MacLean's Covers Grilling of Liberal Fascists

Many of the guys in the photo above were hanged for their crimes against humanity.
Today's cross-examination of some of the liberal fascists of the "Canadian Human Rights Commission" will not, however, lead to anything of the kin, although many Canadians would like to see that hated organization hanged, too, for its crimes against humanity.

Some background from Ezra Levant, the man who's fighting these fascists. His entire blog chronicles his battle against the so-called "Canadian Human Rights Commission", which is actually something that literally takes away our rights if we have the misfortune of being called before these miserable SOBs.

LIVEBLOGGED by Kady O'Malley of MacLean's magazine, itself a victim of the CHRC's fascism, actually. Part One. Part Two. Part Three.