Monday, March 03, 2008

Cadman Bio Leaked in Full Online. Why?

National Newswatch asks:

Why was the book leaked? Some speculate it may have something to do with toppling the Conservative government and forcing an election on the issue....

The guy who wrote the book... sounds like a scumbag to me. Selling brief "scratchy" tape excerpts to the media rather than turning over the entire original to the police unedited/undoctored.

And how come Mrs. Cadman chose to make her accusation of bribery against the Prime Minister to the media, rather than to the police? Why after so much time? And why specifically now? And why has she no proof to offer to back up her accusation?

There is no proof. Even the suspect tape excerpt offers nothing of value; it only appears to be intended to raise suspicions in the minds of the suspicious.

There's no evidence whatsoever.

I smell a smear campaign and suspect Leftist extremist operatives as being behind it.

Hey, accusers: Turn over any and all proof to the police... or withdraw your accusation. Mrs. Cadman is guilty of breaking the rules of membership in the Party and must be expelled, in my view, and, absent proof of her accusation, deserves to be sued for defamation.

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It stinks, I tell you. The Opposition is desperate, and has a reputation for doing pretty much anything to survive and win.