Friday, March 07, 2008

Moonbat Spotlight: NDP's Totally Unhinged Thomas Mulcair

Above: Big-deal star MP of the NDP Thomas Mulcair in a much more self-controlled moment

Sometimes progressives go completely nuts. Wish I had a picture of that, but all that exists is audio of the incident of Mr. Mulcair's moonbattery. Below is a Conservative's and a Liberal's description of their progressive friend's Hyde moment:

"He attempted to intimidate me," he said. "He walked over a row of desks. He was spitting and frothing at the mouth." (Conservative MP Gerald Keddy)


"He walked out from the front benches toward the Conservatives," he said. "Just yelling at him, and just yelling and yelling. And then he pointed to others and yelled and yelled and yelled some more." (Liberal MP Scott Simms)
Well, he is a progressive. Progressives do yell and yell and yell a lot.

"He really should take anger management courses. It would be good for him. I’d hate to see him around women and children."
Hey, someone ought to tell on him!
Reminds me of "Balbulican" of StageLeft, by the way. Those New Democrats certainly do share a lot in common.

I move that cameras in the House of Commons be allowed to film whatever the camera people want to film. Kodak moments like this must be captured!
As for the substantial issue over which he went bonkers, I'd ask him how often he publicly condems Iran and the rest of the Non-Free World for their treatment of homosexuals. Did he even unequivocally condemn Malaysia? Has he called for the invasion and occupation of such homo-unfriendly countries for the purpose of liberating and granting human rights to homosexuals? Or is he just playing comfy-chair partisan-ideological politics with homosexuals to try to make non-leftists look like monsters? If so, he'll fail, as I personally herein have condemned Islamic countries for the way they treat, amongst others, homosexuals. I think he's just trying to hurt the government, to ruin its reputation, to try to paint it as somehow being against human rights, whilst he and his own ilk refuse to support the bill to abolish S. 13(1) of the "Human Rights Act" which actually permits the state apparatus to take away peoples' human rights! Plus... has he called "Palestine" what it really is?