Thursday, March 06, 2008

Laughingstock Liberals' Latest Bizarre Move

The Liberals are making Mr. Bean, above, look normal and sane these days

Can you imagine?

They’ll introduce a motion condemning the NDP and Bloc Quebecois for defeating the previous Grit government in November 2005, thereby enabling Stephen Harper’s Tories to win power.

Wha....????!!!! You know, it was the Canadian People who made the Conservatives the government. Not the Opposition. Maybe the Liberals will also condemn the Canadian People? See how bizarrely screwed-up the Liberals are?

The motion slams the Harper government for setting back women’s equality rights by cancelling such Liberal measures as the Court Challenges Program and a national child care program.

Oh, come on... that's hypocritical to the ultimate. You see, the Conservative government is about to move to grant full equality rights to Aboriginal women in Canada. The Liberals' reaction? "Consultations". So the Conservatives needn't pay any attention to the Liberals' slanders wrt womens' rights. After all, what we have here is the Liberals refusing to allow Aboriginal women to have full equality rights, preferring instead endless "consultations" to immediately guaranteeing full, equal human rights to Aboriginal women in Canada. No one need take any lessons, therefore, from the Liberals (or the NDP, for that matter) on immediately guaranteeing equal human rights for all women, as the Liberals and the NDP are actually against this. "Consultations" are nonsense- they'd put human rights for Aboriginal women up to "consultations" instead of making sure they have these rights immediately, like everyone else in Canada. I therefore declare the Liberals and NDP to be intolerant, anti-Aboriginal misogynistic bigots. Let them scream at this, but the facts are undeniable! Oh, and in addition to being sexist, the Oppositon is also racist.

Besides, the Court Challenges Program (CCP) was something for progressiNazis to use to advance their extremist ideology, like with sexual extremism and so on... it was a lot along the lines of the "Human Rights" Commissions, which are actually about taking away human rights. The CCP granted, with extreme discrimination, taxpayer monies only to Far-Left progressiNazis to take their scary agenda to the courts, wherein Far-Left activist judges would rule in their favor. Therefore the CCP was actually illegal and unconstitutional. It had to be abolished!

National child care? Oh, please... that was just another socialist plot, another extreme social reengineering scheme that would have cost untold billions upon billions yearly, possibly driving Canada back into deficit. So, clearly, the Liberal accusations are pure propaganda and demagoguery, not to mention blatant hypocrisy!

And it concludes by resolving that the House of Commons "condemn the irresponsible and self-serving actions on Nov. 25, 2005, by the New Democratic Party and the Bloc Quebecois which led to the installation of a government that is hostile to the rights and needs of vulnerable Canadians."

Bwahahahahahaha! Behold, if you will, this bizarre spectacle! Once again, the Liberals are trying to out-progressiNazi the other progressiNazis! First they claimed to be more conservative than the Conservatives, now they claim to be more leftist than the other leftists!

Laughingstock. That's what the Liberals are. Nice going, making that twit Dion your leader, Librano$$$!

Even Mr. Bean is laughing his guts out at the Liberals!