Thursday, March 20, 2008

Bin Laden: Is This Guy For Real Anymore?

Is Osama bin Laden for real or what today?

There's no denying that Osama bin Laden, leader of the Islamofascistic murder group "Al Qaeda", is an infinitely evil individual, responsible for many murders, incitement to others to commit murder and a promoter of sheer, unadulterated hatred. He's also indubitably going out of his way to foment international strife as well as inter-religious and inter-ethnic animosity and violence.

Now we have this devil incarnate getting his Islamofascist panties all wedged up over... cartoons!

So this is now his cause? Cartoons hurting his feelings (as if anyone with a brain would care about this guy's feelings)? Hasn't this "Motoon rage" thing literally been done to death already?

Has the "leader" run out of phony causes to use to incite hatred and violence against the free world?

I mean, this "outrage" has a rather recycled, been-there-done-that feel to it.

Is this the turning point for this old fool? Will he now be taken with a grain of salt?

Or is he actually planning and facilitating real attacks on the free world for the future?

Who knows? He makes these media appearances all the time to sound off like some nutcase on YouTube or something. It's getting old.

Whatever Osama thinks will come of his latest public rant, one thing is for certain: The cartoons are a very lame excuse to go around threatening the free world. It's pathetic.

If this guy wasn't so seriously dangerous and widely, understandably hated, he'd be an international laughingstock right now.

At any rate, we're watching what his murderous, imperialistic ilk are up to everywhere and are working to foil their activities on all fronts.

Whether he's becoming a joke or not, we'll deal with him and his when the time comes.

Dangerous dude, but a deluded one at that. A nutcase extraordinaire, and he's now really losing it. Going so many years without matching his threats with actions must be driving him over the edge. I think he's marginalizing himself, despite his continuing influence over other dangerous nutcases the world over.

UPDATE: I don't think the Pope has any lessons to take from the likes of bin Laden when it comes to the concept of waging a worldwide campaign against Islam. In fact, Islam is the pot calling the kettle black. After all, if Islam wasn't so supremacistic and imperialistic in the first place, what with drawing first blood to please Allah, the Crusades wouldn't have been necessary.

Self-defence is justified. Drawing first blood without any provocation whatsoever isn't.

So, again, is Osama bin Laden for real? Such a loserly weenie. Schmuck.