Wednesday, March 26, 2008

Higher Energy Bills Likely With Emissions Reductions: Harper

Prime Minister Stephen Harper warns that energy bills are likely to rise due to any actions taken to try to appease powerful, extremely influential enviro-extremists

Story here. h/t: Emphasis mine.

ESTEVAN, Sask. — Prime Minister Stephen Harper is warning Canadians to expect higher energy bills as new technologies such as the underground storage of carbon dioxide develop and come online.


“All the cost pressures on energy, including admittedly cost pressures around environmental regulation, are likely to lead to upward pressure on power prices across this country in years to come,” Mr. Harper said.

“Canadians have to understand that there is a price to this.”

And guess whose fault this will be? Not Stephen Harper's. Not the Conservative government's. The blame must be laid at the feet of the likes of Al Gore, David Suzuki, the IPCC, the mainstream media, the Liberals, NDP, Bloc Quebecois, Green Party, you name all those brainless extremists who want to sacrifice the economy and employment at the Altar of Climate Change Political Correctness.

And no matter what the Harper Conservatives do for "the environment", the enviro-fascists will still get all unhinged and automatically, hypocritically denounce it as "not nearly enough; they're destroying the planet!"

Harper's Conservatives need take no lessons from the enviro-fascists. After all, the government is taking a responsible, balanced approach, rather than a brainless, hysterical, fearmongering one and is telling it like it is.

The whole environmental lunacy movement started by Al Gore et al. is going to make energy pricier. And this is ironic, as the "progressives", who claim to worry about the poor, would have the poor fend for themselves, unable to pay for heat, lights, hot water, transportation and so on, thanks to their extremism, an extremism rightly rejected by the Harper Conservatives, who are taking concrete, balanced action as opposed to merely paying the whole thing lip service, as did the Liberals when they were in power and did absolutely nothing for "the environment".

The enviro-fascists don't have a leg to stand on, and will be soon seen as radical extremists to be ignored in favor of a rational, cautious, balanced approach that will not create any shocks and undue hardship, that will not cause recession/depression, that will not kill employment in the free world...

Harper and the Conservatives are following the correct course of action, if one is to believe that carbon dioxide is as destructive as the un-shut-up-able climato-extremists claim.

Personally, I favor being perfectly specific about what exactly can directly be done to reduce all kinds of emissions, rather than just screaming about it and demanding the transfer of billions of dollars to the Axis of Evil to delusionally pretend that "action on climate change is being taken, that emissions are being reduced".

We can't "save the planet" overnight, as the Chicken Littlists seem to think we can. We cannot shut off our economies, nor will voters tolerate anyone who does (they'll get tired of those who advocate this).

Technology by technology. Implementation when and where possible. That won't harm our economy. Patience, logic, rationality, caution. Balanced approach. Level-headedness. Real leadership. Concrete, scientifically-sound action.

Much better than the insane rantings of the hypocritical enviro-lunatics. Gore, Suzuki et al will have marginalized themselves with their extremism (and particularly Suzuki, with his terrible demand of throwing politicians in jail for disobeying his draconian demands).