Monday, March 17, 2008

Fatal T.O. Shooting Video Released By Police

Video here.

Story here. h/t:

The deadly attack was one of several violent incidents in the Toronto region, including the fatal shooting of a Mississauga man early Saturday morning.

On Sunday, Toronto police found shell casings as they canvassed the area around 87 Amaranth Court, site of the Friday night shootings near Lawrence Avenue West and Dufferin Street. Abdikarim Ahmed Abdikarim, 18, died from a bullet wound to the head, officials confirmed.

Three of the other five youth remain in hospital with non-life-threatening wounds.

Listen... let's get real here.

We can't get drugs off the streets, right? Prohibition isn't working, you say?

Well, you got to admit that we also can't get guns off the streets, despite the fact that they're already banned in Canada (a fact incredibly escaping "progressive" politicians) outside restricted shooting ranges, legally owned only by fully licenced, strictly-checked-out citizens who must at all times follow extremely strict rules for use, handling, transport and storage in order to be allowed to have them.

Now, once we understand that banning guns 100% for 100% of reasons (other than for law enforcement and military personnel)... cannot get guns off the streets, nor stop shootings such as these, which essentially happen daily in Canada, we come to... duh!...

The solution:

Criminal control, not gun control.

Put criminals in prison for firearm-related offences so that they cannot be out on the streets shooting people.

People. With guns. On the streets. In Canada. I didn't make this up. And apparently neither did the Liberals, who pretty much gave us this fast-growing problem with their bizarre "be nice to bad people" approach to violent crime!

Isn't it bizarre that the Liberals would rather have criminals with guns on the streets than rebuild the Canadian Forces which they deliberately neglected and gutted?

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