Saturday, February 28, 2009

Russian Bear Intercepted Over Arctic Near Canadian Airspace

Russian Tupolev TU-95 "Bear" intercontinental nuclear bomber/reconnaisance airship, above and below. Note, in particular, the strange double-propeller design. This airship has been intercepted numerous times over the years approaching North American airspace.

And the ancient Tupolev Tu-95 "Bear" intercontinental nuclear bomber/reconnaisance airship was intercepted by our CF-18 Hornets (also ancient and due to be replaced eventually by new F/A-35 Lightnings) ...on the eve of Barack Hussein Obama's visit to Ottawa. Go ahead... click and read it for yourself. It's a lot more interesting than reading about the likes of Brangelina's fight with Jenny Aniston and, just in, how to get Mrs. Obama's toned arms for yourself... *ZZZ*!

It's a great read... Canada and Russia are pretty much yelling at each other, calling one another liars. Shades of the Cold War... oh, wait... it never really ended... Russia was just playing the same game with us as she has her proxy, Hamas/PLO, play with Israel. Phony ceasefire to lick wounds, heal, regroup, rearm... most folks, including myself (with Russia, not with "Palestine") were fooled!

Wonder who's lying?

Darth Putin of Russia is screwing with us, as I can tell he's screwing with the world, both personally and via proxy, unreported by the Big Media, who is clueless and not the least bit curious to look into what he's doing.
"Darth" Vladimir Putin, caught on camera fondling his favorite phallic symbol. The fate of the photographer who caught him being naughty with himself is unknown. Speculation holds that he "disappeared", like lots of press journalists in Russia who annoyed the Dark Lord...

The Putin guy's, in my opinion, a neo-Communist Hitler. He becomes, like Hitler, more narcississtic, megalomaniac and dangerous to the world every day. And he's becoming more totalitarian as well, warning Russians to not demonstrate against his government in light of the terrible recession gripping that neo-Communist country.

In the photographs below, you can see how close our mortal enemy Darth Vladimir is to two of our many mortal enemies who comprise the evil, patiently malevolent Axis Power Group.

In the following photographs, one is reminded of last year's Russian massacre of innocent Georgians. The evil spirit of Stalin obviously lives, perhaps within the corporeal entity known as "Vladimir Putin".

It never ceases to cause, admittedly with dread, me to marvel at how the world, particularly the supposedly "free" press thereof, continues to pretend that there's no evil out there, that it's all relative, and that when stuff like the above happens, it's actually the good guys' and the victims' faults. Astonishing, the mentality of the Free World today. What happened? Since the Cold War supposedly ended, something happened to its citizenry. I can tell. People are different today, psychologically, than they were during the Cold War era, and I, too, was like that, until a few years ago. They're oblivious and blissful, believing that all's well and will always be well from now on, no matter what happens in the world (except, of course, that our use of energy will cause the end of the world, a Big Lie, actually, perpetuated by corrupt "Progressive" elites who love money and power). Such an attitude has, unfortunately, ominously, permeated the Big Media of the Free World and the political leadership, which, in America, is now what I suspect to be a proxy of sorts, perhaps a Manchurian Candidate, of the likes of Darth Putin and the rest of the evil Axis Power Group.

Funny how people believe the Big Lie of "anthropogenic global warming" and "catastrophic, extinction-causing climate change" told by stooges of the likes of the evil-dominated and -controlled "United Nations" and super-wealthy Leftist lunatics like George Soros and Maurice Strong (who's in voluntary exile in China and hasn't been in Canada in years, since he was fingered in the UN's Oil-for-Food scam). It's funny that they believe that the sky is falling just because a bunch of corrupt, money-addicted "scientists" signed on to a declaration without having bothered to examine the massive documentation behind it, whereas they deny that there's anything to worry about when the enemy's intercontinental nuclear bombers approach on the eve of the U.S. President's visit and whilst new, mini-holocausts are waged across the world, largely or completely ignored by the uncurious Free Press, who prefers to whine about humiliated Muslim jihadists in Abu Ghraib and waterboarded enemy evildoers in Guantanamo Bay...

It just doesn't feel right... and I'm suspicious about the timing of the U.S. financial-system collapse right in the middle of the election. Could the financial system collapse in America which dominoed across the globe be of anthropogenic design and timing? Of course it's possible, if one thinks about it. Not a "conspiracy theory", but, you know, there certainly are actors out there who would like to cause some kind of frightening catastrophic event that would lead to the election of a neo-Communist President who then brings in a multi-trilliondollar deficit-financed budget of unfettered socialism which will change the fundamentals of America and negatively affect the character of millions of Americans...

Well, before you decide I'm nuts, just listen to the folks I criticize... are you sure they're not nuts, despite the outrageous, unbelievable claims they make, which millions nevertheless believe and submit to, claims which lead to wrenching, devastating policy formulation and implementation?

I continue to contend we're being taken for fools. And it's really easy to fool most of the people when they trust and depend on the old-line Big Media, who's, as an oligopolic institution, submissively, corruptly onside with the Hard-Left fearmongering activists and elites.

Fortunately, however, there's the internet... where we can turn if we suspect we're being lied to by the old-line Big Media and the politicians. Since the internet is (still, anyway) free and uncontrolled-by-the-state, the truth can still be found to combat the lies we're being told by the traditional, now-corrupt Big Media and the elites. So you now know what to do to retake control of your own mind and view of the world, which has been corrupted by the lies which are all too easy to believe because they sound so authorative in the first place.