Sunday, February 22, 2009

Bullying In Schools: Why Don't "Progressives" Care?

Read this story.

Then ask yourself: Why are there serious consequences for merely being accused of "offending" certain minority groups, but there are virtually no consequences for tormenting fellow students at school?

Why is it that bullies get away with violating other students' human rights on an ongoing basis?

Why doesn't the "Progressive" movement step in and force governments to declare bullying a "hate crime" punishable just like any other "hate crime"?

If the "Progressive" movement did care at all, then bullying would be talked about all day every day. You couldn't open the paper or turn on the news broadcasts without being inundated with stuff about bullying, just as you are inundated today with stuff about Obama, "womens' 'right' to choose (to murder their children)", global warming, homosexuality and poor, vulnerable, peaceful, tolerant, victimized Muslims...

We hear almost nothing about the obvious problem of bullying, particularly in schools.

Why is this? Shouldn't non-people-of-color, straight, ordinary citizens enjoy the same protections as do minorities, homosexuals, Muslims, etc.? Do regular folks' human rights and equality rights not count as much, or at all? Does one have to be "special" to be protected by the state apparatus from evildoers?

To look the other way and ignore bullying in schools isn't "progressive".

To instead tell students that homosexuality and Islam are great for them to get into and how to perform the activities that are part of those ideologies... not "progressive". Because ordinary people are actually being tormented, whereas the GLBTs and Muslims are being exalted, raised to first-class status while everyone else gets bullied and beaten... Thanks a lot, "Progressive" Liberal Leftists! Your so-called "Progressive" movement is utterly useless.

To crack down on bullying is, therefore the right, and conservative thing to do. It's about law and order and equality.

Let's start a massive campaign of public education, with ads, with news reports, with curricula in schools, with legislation, serious sentencing consequences, etc... against bullying! Crack down hard! Hell, why not use the awesome power of the so-called "Human Rights" Commissions to haul bullies before the Star Chambers and make them cry and crap their pants, so terrified at what's going on that they'll never again dare bother anyone?

WTF is wrong with society? WTF is wrong with the state apparatus? Not caring that people, especially students trying to learn, as is their right to do so, are being bullied incessantly? Forget your exclusive, obsessive hand-wringing over isolated, one-time little tiny verbal slights and the "gays" and Muslims. Just protect everyone! Equally!