Tuesday, July 07, 2009

Why Tory Message Re Bloc Soft On Pedos Is Working

Because the windbags of the Old Media are bashing the Conservatives for rightly daring to point out that the Bloc Quebecois (a Far-Left separatist party led by a known Communist who normally resembles a grave-faced undertaker) is soft on pedophiles/child rapists.

Alec Bruce of the Times & Transcript takes his Conservative-bashing shot. *Yawn*. Might as well just move right on to the next one below, which more fascinating.

Going much further, and using unprofessional language (hey, if he wants to do that, he should get a blog... and one wonders why the Toronto Star pays him for this stuff) is James Travers.

Here's a doozy from the notoriously Far-Left, anti-Tory Travers:

Odious or not, comparisons must be made. That's never been more essential than in this new age of post-parliamentary debate. Since no discussion begins with an open mind, since every position is predetermined by polls and party strategists, persuasion isn't a democratic exercise. It's good old Goebbels's propaganda.

Ah. Standard Nazi reference-comparison. Par for the course. Is James Travers a professional journalist... or a propagandist?

Has Travers compared the Liberals and Ignatieff to Goebbels? Has he at least compared Warren Kinsella, the pathological big liar and partisan attack clown working on the spin and talking points for the Iggy Libbies, to Goebbels? I don't recall.

No wonder the Toronto Star is haemmorhaging readership and is in the red. Who the hell wants to read, much less pay for, such gobbleddygook when they can read pretentious lefty blogs for free?

You know that the Conservatives' message is hitting home on the Bloc's image with Quebec voters when the Old Media windbags complain in their gratuitously artsy-fartsy, sophisticated, urbane, nuanced way about those "awful, knuckledragging, neanderthal right-whingers".

And at the same time you must wonder why those Old Media windbag propagandists don't refrain from bashing the Conservatives for having the fortitude and the gonads to take the strongest stance against something that's a horrible thing, pedophilia/child-rape. (Hey, if the Liberals, who, to their credit, voted for the law, were so against that sort of thing, why didn't they bring forth a mandatory-sentencing law against it???).

Complaining about the Tories' political, partisan communications against opponents seems to have become the latest fetish of the Old Media, doesn't it? Recall that the media windbags yap-yapped and whined on and on for weeks about the Iggy-Just-Visiting ads, which have apparently worked, as Iggy's inexplicable, unexplained rise in the polls had been halted after the ads came out...

ht: NNW