Thursday, July 23, 2009

Iggy Grandstands Again

What, no Acropolis, no fireworks? Just a curtain and a flag? Meh... at least his hero Obama's entertaining whilst he delivers the verbal bovine manure!
Too bad Iggy's a puffin, not a peacock. Whereas puffins merely stow their crap, at least peacocks can put on a spectactular, entertaining show, albeit devoid of substance, kind of like Obama, again...

Sheesh. You'd think Michael Ignatieff would change his approach, having realized that the way he's been doing things isn't working, seeing as he and his party are again falling behind the Conservatives in the polls.

But nope, he didn't get it. Why not? How should I know? I'm no mindreader, and even if I was, well, it'd be one helluva challenge to make sense of the chaos that passes for thoughts in a Liberal's head.

It seems to me that he's actually stealing both the NDP's and separatist Bloc's thunder on the EI issue. Iggy wants the program to be too damned generous, not caring about the deleterious effect of such an overgenerous, ridiculously easy to get into, program on many Canadians' motivation to work.

Besides, it's a little odd that Iggy thinks that, now with the Canadian recession officially over (thanks, of course, to the wise, conservative policies of the Harper Conservatives prior to the recession, ie. the tax cuts, which Iggy has openly indicated he'd have to reverse!), beating the dead-horse EI non-issue yet again will somehow get him the boost in popularity he failed to get when he last demanded a communistic EI system. Kind of backwards and illogical, I'd say. But then again, Iggy in the Liberal Party is as backwards and illogical as anything can be! The guy's a famous right-winger trying to out-"progressive" the hardcore-left-wing NDP and separatist Bloc! It's a tragic comedy of errors!

It's as if the three leftist usurpers are now rivals, not coalition partners, and are having a contest to see who's the most leftist of them all. Let 'em duke it out and beat one another senseless if that's what they want. Meanwhile, the Harper Conservatives will continue to run the country, already having ensured that Canada weathered the recession better than the rest of the world and is at least one of the very first countries to have begun to recover already.