Saturday, July 25, 2009

Patriots Gather In NH For Freedom Fest

"Right-wing extremists" (Obama Regime's words) gather for freedom camp, for perfectly Constitutional, law-abiding, rightful fun, and to discuss the dangers of the Obama Regime and its agenda

Story here.

LANCASTER, N.H. — There's no escaping the long arm of big government — even here at the far edge of a state whose license plate decrees that without freedom from oppressive authority you might as well choose death.

But for a group of about 500 in a tent colony here, the Porcupine Freedom Festival is about as close to Libertarian Nirvana as they're likely to get.

Held in June, the four days are about beer, burgers and bonfires. But more importantly, participants aim to carve out an enclave of less government and more liberty to do as they wish.

They aim to show a lost nation the way back to its political roots.

They're just exercising their rights. What's wrong with that? Is it any more scary than the militant homosexuals and imperialist Islamofascist supremacists? Hell, no!

Besides, the Regime permits the terrorists to operate terrorist training camps (mostly known as "Jamaat ul Fuqra" compounds masquerading as "Islamic universities" heavily guarded as if they were Saddam's houses) all over America, so what's the matter with the patriotic Americans' gathering for perfectly lawful, constitutional, rightful fun and serious discussion of the problems of America?

Also of germane interest: Never apologize for America: Sarah Palin

Of course, Obama has made it a hallmark of his questionable-in-Constitutionality "Presidency" to apologize to the Axis of Evil for America. Without the permission of Americans.

“I said, ‘Oh no,’ it is not a down day – my son called this week from Iraq,” Palin recalled, referring to her son, Track, an Army enlistee. “He is safe, he is sound. It is always a good day when my son calls.”

Interrupting the applause, Palin said: “I wish that some in the media would keep things like that in perspective, what is really important in our country. And what is important is our freedoms, America’s security, our liberty.”

Later, citing military families that have lost loved ones, she again drew loud applause by saying: “Let us continue to love our country, be proud of our country, never apologize for our country.”