Saturday, July 18, 2009

Bigoted Canadians

Yes, there's a lot of them.

For all the sound and fury about "Multiculturalism" and "Tolerance" and so on and so forth, there's at least one group (besides Israelis, Jews, Christians, Conservatives, etc.) that "Progressive" Canadians believe it's ok to be bigoted and hateful towards, and to discriminate against, and hurt the feelings of.

That group is Americans.

If a Canadian were to behave towards and speak of homosexuals/transsexuals, Muslims, Aboriginals, visible minorities, Quebec Francophone Separatists, etc... the way they behave towards and speak of Americans, they'd get in a gigantic heap of big trouble and hauled before the Progressive-Fascist "Human Rights" Tribunals.

But the "Progressive"-Fascists don't seem to believe that Americans are people deserving of respect and reverence. They don't believe that Americans deserve any more than absolutely basic tolerance.

That's because the "Progressive" Movement in Canada has made it Politically Correct to hate, and to spread hatred and contempt against Americans. And it's made it so that the schools actually teach defamatory, hateful lies to Canadian children. They don't care that their spreading of hatred and contempt might cause other bigots to commit violence against Americans. They don't care at all, don't even want to admit it's even possible, and will tell you to "shut up or else" for daring to go against their Precious Politically Correct Conviction.

"Progressive" Canadians believe it's ok to hate. So long as the hate is directed against folks like Conservatives, Christians, Jews, Israelis, Scientologists, Falun Gong, white men, etc... and, of course, Americans.

It's sad and appalling, but it's the reality.

And this horrific reality must be crushed. Right? Fair's fair. "Progressives" want to crush all kinds of people's views, so why not crush "Progressive" bigots' views, too? Tit for tat. They brought it upon themselves with their arrogant hypocrisy.

Maybe we should add Americans to the list of groups for whom it's prohibited to even have "hateful" thoughts, let alone say anything non-endorsive about. Why should just selfish, militant, imposing-their-ideology-on-everyone homosexual supremacists and similarly-behaving Islamofascists enjoy such disproportionate preference and favoritism as enforced by the "Progressive"-Left-Wing State Apparatus?

It's time to put "Progressives" in their place.

We can start by kicking the "Progressive" bums out of the legislatures in the next elections in both Canada and America. Vote in majority-conservative legislative bodies as a strong message to the "Progressive" bigots in both countries that their hypocritical bigotry will not be tolerated any longer.

And bring common-sensibility back to our countries. Re-educate the "Progressive" bigots that their old way of thinking is wrong and backwards and cannot continue. And make them change their thinking, just as they made people change theirs over the decades. We'll teach equality and understanding. And we won't stop until "Progressive" bigots turn into lovers of Americans, Conservatives, Israel, Jews, Christians, Falun Gong, Scientologists, white men, straight folks, everyone they currently hate. Yep, the "Progressive" bigots must he re-educated!

Think I'm making this up?

Well, read what happened to one American immigrant in Canada...

It was pretty clear from the beginning that this country wasn't eager to welcome him. "My first night in Canada, I was asked to back my vehicle into the driveway so the neighbours did not see the American licence plate. I'm serious!"

He came here in 2006 and has lived in three small Ontario cities, all west of Toronto. He found them uniformly anti-American. He now takes it for granted that about half the people he meets will, if the opportunity arises, say something that indicates they don't like Americans.

He wrote to me after coming across a long-ago column of mine about anti-Americanism. "For three years," Brian wrote, "I have had countless and relentless encounters and bad jokes about my nationality, and notice it is especially significant in Jr. High and High school teachers, as my kids were shocked to discover." Michael Moore's poisonous documentaries about America appear to be favourites of some Ontario schoolteachers. In one town, a history teacher showed Brian's daughter's class Bowling for Columbine, commenting that it showed true insight into America. At another, in a media teacher's class, she found herself viewing both Bowling for Columbine and Moore's Fahrenheit 9/11. The teacher elicited from students views such as "Every American loves violence" and "Americans are always starting wars to invade countries."

Imagine the uproar, the eardrum-damagingly loud, continuous outrage all over the place if Muslims and homosexuals were to be treated like this by even ONE Canadian, let alone HALF of Canadians. Why do "Progressives" think it's ok to spread big lies, hatred and contempt against Americans and America? Why are "Progressives" so hatefully prejudiced?

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