Thursday, July 30, 2009

Left Suddenly Awakens To Homegrown Terrorist Threat. Why?

Finally. The All Barack Channel has the poop for us.

I wonder if the fact that a bunch of white Islamic terrorists were recently picked up has anything to do with their sudden interest in taking the threat seriously?

The Left didn't take the terror threat seriously when all the terrorists were Islamic and Arab.

Of course, they literally executed the white terrorist Timothy McVeigh. Don't expect them to execute any Arabic Islamic terrorists, however. Never, ever happen! You see, the Left is racist...

I betcha they salivate at the prospect of using racial profiling now. Ok to detain filthy honkies for whatever, as filthy honkies have no rights, right?

After all, it's no secret that the Obama Regime, like Obama himself, is racist.

Just listen to the astonishingly absurd words of Attorney General Eric Holder:

(...) radicalization is something that didn't loom as large a few months ago ... as it does now(...)

WTF?! Is this guy serious? Simply astonishing!

Nevertheless, only fools will believe that the Obama Regime really intends to do anything substantially different than what's been done already:

He noted, however, that the Bush administration "left us an infrastructure that I think is very good," and that national security officials are constantly striving to put the country in a safer position.

"The American people would be surprised by the depth of the threat, but also reassured to see the assets that have been deployed around the world," Holder said, adding that the United States interacts closely with its foreign partners.

Well, millions of us wouldn't be surprised at the depth of the threat. Because we've for years been asking how come the Left never seemed to realize it... until now?! Why now do they finally acknowledge that terrorism is a grave threat?

As we've already seen, the DHS of the Obama Regime is actually delusionally, irrationally worried about "right wing extremists", meaning ordinary, law-abiding Amercians who simply don't like what the Regime is doing policy-wise, don't like the extremist, socialist, fascist agenda of the Regime. The Regime is trying to find ways to criminalize or at least strongly, fascistically discourage dissent, even though when campaigning for President, Obama himself claimed that "dissent is patriotic", but then again, that's only because he was dissenting against Bush.

So don't expect the Regime to do anything different to fight terrorist threats. Expect them, however, to play up the threat as "being worse than ever", with the cooperation of the suddenly-also-worried Big Media, as a ploy to take away Americans' civil rights.

Just as they accused the Bush Administration of doing whilst it actually was combating the terror threat. Oh, yes, just watch the unhinged Leftists now...

Oh, crap... remember when the Democrats were in power last time? Remember their military-style raid on the Branch Davidian compound, even though the Branch Davidians were just minding their own business? Don't expect them to raid the Jamaat ul Fuqra Islamic terrorist training camps across America. And don't expect them to use commandoes with machine guns to take brainwashed-into-hating-Kufrs children away from Islamic supremacists in their homes, like they did in the Elian Gonzalez case, so they could deport the poor little boy to Communist-dictatorship Cuba...

They'll probably talk up and fearmonger the terrorist threat (which they should do anyway, of course), to take away Americans' Second Amendment Rights (and confiscate their guns). Of course, this will actually make America more vulnerable to terrorists and enemy invading forces by turning ordinary Americans into defenceless sitting ducks in their homes.

All in all, that ABC interview was a cakewalk. No tough questions. No challenging Mr. Holder, even when he made absurd comments, like suggesting that Professor Gates's arresting officer probably thinks he "could have reacted differently", just like Gates. Oh, come on... is Mr. Holder suggesting anything improper on the officer's part? Is Mr. Holder also suggesting that the officer was "acting stupidly"? Surely he realizes, as does Colin Powell, an Obamite himself, that Gates shouldn't have acted like a paranoid ass, 'cause anyone who acts like a paranoid ass towards police is creating a situation in which police have no choice but to fear for their own safety, regardless of with whom they're dealing. Anyone who behaves in a hostile, irrational, threatening manner towards police, well, surely we don't expect the police to tolerate such behavior, from anyone? We're not allowed to treat each other as civilians like that, so who the hell thinks they're entitled to aggressively follow a cop around and defamatorily scream "you're a racist!" at him? How the hell can the cop not fear for his own safety when people behave like aggressive lunatics towards him? AG Holder is an idiot, and obviously a racist, too, just like Obama and Professor Gates.

Sheesh. Idiots and racists everywhere. And they run the country, too... Sheesh!

Just remember, my American friends... in 2010, kick the bums out! And in 2012, kick The O-Bum out!