Friday, July 31, 2009

The Democrats' Conspiracy Theories About Insurance Companies$3A29$3A7.JPG

Above: Some Democrats.

Below: Another Democrat. And a Democat.

Funny how the Democrats call the millions of Americans who want to see Obama's real birth certificate "conspiracy theorists".

Especially since the Democrats are the real conspiracy theorists!

Nancy Pelosi, as usual, is positively demonic.

And as for Obama, well, the guy's really shovelling it again. He's demanding "accountability" of the insurance industry and wants to "keep them honest".

But, hey, look who's talking. The guy won't even prove he was born in America, which is required in the Constitution for anyone to be President.

And Americans are calling for his accountability and honesty. But the Democrats' and their propaganda machine's response? "They're a lunatic fringe of conspiracy theorists! They're racists!"

Well, I'd say the Democrats are projecting their own faults onto ordinary Americans who demand that their supposed "President" obey the Constitution and quit bullshitting around! Until then, they'll never, ever, trust him, nor those who stand with him.

Look, Americans don't want Obamacare. Why can't the Democrats and Obama just accept this and move on to 10,000 more important things? Accept the will of most people and stop being garbage-spewing, racist, lunatic-fringe conspiracy theorist wackos! It is already decided; the people have spoken and made it clear what's what. So, Democrats and Obama, stop being crazy conspiracy theorists. Stop calling the insurance industry Satan and other such crap!