Sunday, July 26, 2009

Watch O Go Lower Again

Why? Because he sucks, blows, bites... and more and more people are awakening to this undeniable reality. Fool them once, shame on Obama. Fool them twice, well, he won't.

Story here.

Most people say he's leftist, and nearly half say he's VERY leftist. Of course, as more and more folks awaken to the ultra-extreme leftistness of Obama... just watch the numbers creep upwards and upwards...

Obama's stupid response to the arrest of an unhinged Harvard professor, a buddy of his, in fact, hasn't helped his numbers, either. And the racial differential in approval/disapproval on this screwup is further evidence that Obama isn't a man of "bringing racial harmony to America", as he only pours gasoline on the fires of racial discord, as does the unhinged professor, whose infantile, paranoid, racist reaction to the police doing their job is nothing short of fomenting racial strife. Then again, this is what racists want, isn't it? To divide and inflame. And this is what Obama and his buddies are doing... on purpose, because they're racists.

But then again, it's politically correct in America for Obama and his buddies to be racist, 'cause they ain't no dirty honkies, after all... But to say it's ok for Obama and his buddies to be racist, is to foment racism and racial division, and this is wrong and dangerous. But they're hellbent on turning America into a progressively more and more racist nation by spreading hatred, lies and contempt against anyone and everyone who doesn't look as well-tanned as they. Dammit, racism sucks, no matter who's being the racist! I wish racism would just go away, but Obama is determined to make it worse, because that's obviously part of his hidden agenda, seeing by all the things he says that have the effect of pouring gasoline on the fires of racial disharmony all the time. The Democrat Party obviously welcomes both white and black supremacists. At least it's "inclusive" in that way. But once their socialist utopia is achieved, they'll turn against one another, just as when the Ku Klux Klan was their very own terrorist wing.

Fifty-three percent (53%) now oppose the Congressional health care reform package. That’s up eight points over the past month. Just 20% now see health care as the most important of the President’s priorities. Nearly twice as many, 37%, say deficit reduction is most important.
Americans just don't want Obamacare. Why is he still hellbent on imposing it, then? What is he, a dictator, a totalitarian? He's certainly not a man of the People.

Obama is a walking, babbling disaster.

And, like I say, he's not even the "President", according to the Constitution which forbids anyone not born in America from being President. The fact that Obama is doing everything possible to keep his REAL birth certificate a closely-guarded secret is all I need to make this logical conclusion. If he was born in America, then he'd have shown us the birth certificate and proved it. But since he absolutely refuses, well, logically, then...