Sunday, July 19, 2009

Blasting Obama's Insane, Extremely Wrongheaded Priorities

Story here. Emphasis mine.

According to the Pentagon, we need more F-22’s in order to maintain air superiority. At a cost of about $150 million each, however, Mr. Obama deems these planes to be too costly. This president, who spends money faster than it can be printed on worthless projects that do nothing but ensure a legacy of perpetual debt while he steers the country towards socialism, will be the cause of widespread job losses if the F-22 program is canceled, which now looks to be a certainty.

“It’s a [huge] loss of jobs,” said Sen. Johnny Isakson (R-GA). “It’s 90,000 jobs across 49 states … final assembly takes place in Marietta [Georgia], but parts and software and employees work at 49 states to make the F-22.”

Isakson says losing any job in this economy “doesn’t make sense,” and he’s right.

Think about it: the same president who authorized billions and billions in failed TARP stimulus monies, and who is now trying to push through a $1.5 trillion health care plan, has finally found something that he considers too expensive.

90,000 jobs across 49 states.

Obama wants to destroy them all.

All in the name of his extremist ideology and dangerous hidden agenda.

What a stupid, stupid, stupid, America-hating and-destroying moron!

I warned y'all, remember? This man is very, very bad, very, very destructive!