Friday, July 24, 2009

Muslim Immigrant Family Charged In Apparent Honor Killings

Three sisters found in car at bottom of lake

Carefully avoiding any mention of the obvious fact that they're Muslims, the far-left Toronto Star tells us a bit about the story.

Father, Mohammad Shafia, 56, wearing a shy smile; mother, Tooba Mohammad Yahya, 39, dabbing her eyes with a tissue; and son, Hamed Mohammad Shafia, with an icy stare, were all charged with four counts of first-degree murder and conspiracy to commit murder.


Yesterday, Kingston Police Chief Stephen Tanner began a press conference with a moment of silence for the victims. They "all shared the rights within our great country to live without fear, to enjoy safety and security, and to exercise freedom of choice and expression and yet had their lives cut short by members of their own family."


"From a social perspective, you don't want to criminalize a community by associating them with a particular, heinous act of violence," Emon said.

"On the other hand, from a legal perspective ... why `honour killing' can be useful is that it captures the idea of a kind of premeditation – that this wasn't an in-the-moment, spur-of-the-moment crime of passion but something that may have been planned. . . . It speaks to a kind of evil and hideousness that we must at all times prevent."

Perhaps this Muslim immigrant family was unaware that Canada doesn't tolerate this sort of thing.

Perhaps they should've been told. But who would dare say anything, for fear of offending Muslims by mentioning something Islamic as being bad and forbidden by law?

It's time to educate everyone about the way things are in Canada. Political correctness is just too dangerous to continue to practice, for we see people dying because of it! Political correctness causes ignorance, after all, due to the fear of saying anything that might offend people, even if it's the truth, like the law in Canada.

People can't just come here and do whatever the hell they want, including Muslims.

Even Muslims must submit to the Law of Canada. The Law of Canada is paramount, not any religion. Everyone is equal before and under the law and must be equally responsible as well as equally free (free, as long as they don't break the law).

If they don't want to submit to the Law of Canada, then they can go back home to Talibanland rather than break our laws.

If we went to their home country and broke their laws, just imagine what that barbaric Taliban society might do to us...

All must submit to the Law in Canada.

Refuse and suffer significant consequences, no matter who you are.